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Kent O'Sullivan is a Certified Master Instructor Trainer with The Columbia Compliance Group. Columbia Compliance Group is a safety consulting firm that specialises in offering professional mobile equipment safety training programs & publications throughout North America.

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Safety First - 23 Mar 2006 (#252)
1 minute read
Adjusting to suit your audience In a multicultural society, new immigrant groups can retain their ethnicity, language and traditions without challenge; a freedom we hold dear. However, that freedom can sometimes have a significant impact on employee safety in the workplace.
Safety First - 16 Feb 2006 (#247)
3 minute read
Helping new employees We have all been a new employee at one time or other. Try to recall all the training you received on your first day of work and how confident you felt afterwards. As an employer, it is not enough to overwhelm a new employee with information in a short period of time and walk away feeling that due diligence has been served.
Safety First - 12 Jan 2006 (#242)
3 minute read
How to keep it new & interesting Periodic refresher training is required by many regulations, codes and standards. It is essential for keeping safety skills sharp and preventing a dangerous sense of complacency. However, once you have said it all, how do you say it all again, year after year?
Safety First - 1 Dec 2005 (#237)
2 minute read
It could happen to you Most workplace incidents are the result of unsafe practices or acts. Recognising that, most employers today invest a great deal of time and money in programs and training aimed at creating safe workplaces. But, in spite of employers' best efforts, there are still some employees who exhibit unsafe behaviour.
Safety First - 6 Oct 2005 (#229)
3 minute read
The basics of adult learning A high degree of instructor-student interaction is invaluable for maximising the amount of information a student retains. Compared to children and teenagers, adult students have special needs to be met for them to prosper in a learning environment. Therefore, an effective instructor has to be aware of the special challenges they might present.
Safety First - 11 Aug 2005 (#221)
3 minute read
Don’t roll the dice Today, the mobile equipment operator safety training marketplace offers two programs from which to choose, open enrolment or onsite operator training. Deciding which program is right for your mobile equipment training requirements can be a dilemma.
Safety First - 14 Jul 2005 (#217)
1 minute read
Summer Help Many employers use students and other young workers to augment their workforces during holiday periods. If you are one of the thousands of workplaces hiring students, it is vital to give them the training and protective equipment necessary to ensure their on-the-job safety, before they begin.
Safety First - 16 Jun 2005 (#213)
3 minute read
Mobile equipment operators must be supervised Whether you are an employer, manager, supervisor or leading hand, if your company employs mobile equipment operators, there are a few things you must know to prevent accidents, reduce machine and product damage, minimise the possibility of liability and, most importantly, ensure everyone in your workplace goes home at the end of the day. Some people assume training ends once certification is granted. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Safety First - 19 May 2005 (#209)
3 minute read
How does your safety program measure up? Every company should have a comprehensive safety program to ensure employees receive on-the-job equipment training, including initial and ongoing safety education relevant to the company's particular business activities. If your company has not already implemented such a program, doing so now will help prevent workplace injuries and be a major contributing factor in lessening mechanical downtime ...

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