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Inside the News - Edition #1146
Barbara Adam
<1 minute read
Inside the News
21 Sep 2023 (#1146)
There could be an against-all-odds movie made about two people in the news this week. With a backdrop of majestic Norwegian landscapes, the heroes ponder “air” and embark on a...
Safety culture theme for UKMHA convention
Cameron Burnett
3 minute read
Safety culture theme for UKMHA convention
Safety First - 21 Sep 2023
In an effort to minimise the number of accidents occurring warehouses and factories, the United Kingdom Material Handling Association (UKMHA), the authoritative body representing the UK material handling sector, is focusing attention on the issue at its National Safety Convention.
Time, trust, patience – good skills for mentors and for life
Jackson Burchell
4 minute read
Time, trust, patience – good skills for mentors and for life
Forklift Diaries - 14 Sep 2023
Jackson Burchell has always felt drawn to teaching others. This year he became a mentor at Toyota Material Handling Australia and it felt like a great personal achievement. Jackson reflects on what it takes to be a good leader and mentor to the next generation of materials handling technicians.
FORKLIFTACTION ROUNDUP: August battery update
Rosie Clifford
2 minute read
FORKLIFTACTION ROUNDUP: August battery update
Forkliftaction Sparks - 7 Sep 2023
Each week Forkliftaction News reports on the latest in materials handling from across the globe, including trends and developments in the forklift battery market, from new products and technologies to business acquisitions and market expansions. Get up to date with this July, August roundup.
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