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Inside the News - Edition #1157
Barbara Adam
<1 minute read
Inside the News
7 Dec 2023 (#1157)
This week we bring news of the European Rental Association (ERA) commissioning carbon reporting guidance for the equipment rental industry. The ERA says there is no standard system to calculate...
Training for one and all
Stuart Taylor
3 minute read
Training for one and all
Safety First - 23 Nov 2023
Stuart Taylor is the managing director of Mentor FLT Training Limited, the UK’s leading training provider for all types of materials handling equipment and workplace transport.
Work hard, together: MHEDA’s Liz Richards details building a dream team
Liz Richards
5 minute read
Work hard, together: MHEDA’s Liz Richards details building a dream team
Forklift Diaries - 16 Nov 2023
For 28 years Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association (MHEDA) chief executive officer Liz Richards has led the association with a firm belief in the power of teamwork and building a culture of service. With her retirement approaching she reflects on formative relationships and career highlights.
FORKLIFTACTION ROUNDUP - battery market update
Rosie Clifford
2 minute read
FORKLIFTACTION ROUNDUP - battery market update
Forkliftaction Sparks - 9 Nov 2023
In this September – October news roundup we pull together our recent coverage of lithium battery design, electric equipment launches and latest industry efforts in battery recycling.
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