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Feature Article 17 minute read
A year of ups and downs
13 January 2022
2021 has been a mixed bag for materials handling, with demand for equipment soaring, but supply chains under extreme strain. Allan Leibowitz summarises the year’s highs and lows.
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Forklift Innovations: a better way to do it
4 November 2021
If nothing else, the last couple of years have shown how important it is to ensure your business is lean and agile enough to change direction with little warning. Melissa Barnett takes a look at some recent innovations in the materials handling industry.
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Pedestrian forklifts – here, there and everywhere
2 September 2021
What piece of equipment do you find in every warehouse, retail stockroom and distribution centre, from grocery stores to IKEA, across the world? If you said a pedestrian forklift, you would be right. Melissa Barnett looks at the industry's most common forklift, its expanding areas of capability and recent improvements.
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Automation and Robotics – designed for all sizes
13 May 2021
Over the past decades, the big manufacturing, warehouse and logistics operations have been pro-active in taking up automation and robotics, but small to medium-sized enterprises (SME) have been slower. Why is this the case and have things changed recently? What would encourage SMEs to take up the technology? Melissa Barnett looks at some of the challenges and the solutions surrounding automation.
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Feature Article 10 minute read
Energy sources update
11 March 2021
A lot has happened in the year since the last Forkliftaction News report on new energy sources. Melissa Barnett looks at how recent events have influenced the logistics sector, what that means when choosing an energy solution, and what impact the pandemic has had on the development of current solutions.
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Feature Article 25 minute read
A year like no other
31 December 2020
Allan Leibowitz looks back on the year just ended, and gets expert insight into what lies ahead.
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Feature Article 11 minute read
Manufacturing in North America: Up for the challenge
19 November 2020
Melissa Barnett looks at the prospects for the North American materials handling market.
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Feature Article 10 minute read
Forklift safety: solutions for every risk
1 October 2020
Allan Leibowitz continues the focus on safety products, highlighting some offerings designed to save lives and ensure more secure workplaces.
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Feature Article 10 minute read
Forklift buyers choose safety
24 September 2020
Forklift safety begins with the selection of the right equipment, as Allan Leibowitz reports.
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Feature Article 7 minute read
Forkliftaction turns 20
16 July 2020
Melissa Barnett reflects on two decades of materials handling publishing innovation.
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The World Bank is tipping a slowdown, with growth expected to decrease from 5.5% in 2021 to 4.1% this year.
Reasons for the slowing growth rate include ongoing virus threats, reduction in government aid and slipping demand.
However, the materials handling market appears to be bucking the trend, with the
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