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Todd Brennan
Todd Brennan is the founder and owner of Forkpro Australia. A former chairman of the Australian Industrial Truck Engineering Committee, Brennan aims to “fill the forklift safety gap” with Forkpro's forklift training courses. Together with his team, he has assisted tertiary institutions, including the Melbourne-based Monash University Accident Research Centre’s forklift safety project.

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Safety First - 28 Feb 2008 (#349)
3 minute read
What’s up, dock? Put forklifts and docks together and you get potential for disaster.
Safety First - 27 Sep 2007 (#329)
3 minute read
Yeah mate, it’s a two- tonner! It's a weighty matter, but one that's often glossed over. Just how much can your forklift lift?
Safety First - 9 Aug 2007 (#322)
2 minute read
Uniform National Standards? From a young age, we are told that being unique is good. That makes it tough to get state governments to agree on adopting uniform national standards.
Safety First - 22 Jun 2007 (#315)
4 minute read
Let’s clear the air! It's a busy but average Friday afternoon. Quite a large shipment has just been received and it all has to be put away before anyone goes home. It is a small and somewhat overgrown warehouse. The six forklifts are not the latest internal combustion engine models but they do the job, run well and don't appear to have excessive emissions...
Safety First - 26 Apr 2007 (#307)
3 minute read
Time for change? I rack my brain as to why these two scenarios continue to pop up. Surely by now all users are aware of the importance of wearing seat belts and pedestrian separation - or are they? Is it operators or management? Is it forklift design or workplace design? Is it the number of forklifts in use or the number of workers? Is it behavioural or procedural? Obviously there is no simple answer or surely it would have been treated by now.
Safety First - 1 Mar 2007 (#299)
3 minute read
My first column Welcome to the first column I will present for News. Every six weeks or so I will comment on forklift safety issues that affect the Australian market
Safety First - 11 Aug 2004 (#170)
2 minute read
How 'optional' are 'extras' when it comes to risk control? When purchasing a motor vehicle, the addition of accessories, or "optional extras", is an emotional decision designed to limit the entry price to an acceptable level by avoiding 'sticker shock'. But in the case of the purchase of load-shifting equipment such as forklifts, can they truly be called "optional extras"?

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