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Peter Harvey
Peter Harvey MBE is chief executive of the Fork Lift Truck Association.

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Your Focus - 8 Feb 2018 (#858)
2 minute read
Make it automatic FLTA chief executive Peter Harvey explains how we can make significant and lasting change for every business that relies on forklifts.
Your Focus - 5 Oct 2017 (#841)
3 minute read
Strategic thinking Accidents involving forklifts injure approximately 1,000 people in the UK each year, and that number is on the rise. To reverse this worrying trend, the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) is taking an innovative approach to communicating the risks associated with forklift operations and best practice among those most at risk. Its chief executive Peter Harvey explains.
Your Focus - 31 Aug 2017 (#836)
4 minute read
You don’t walk away from a forklift accident On the eve of Safetember, Peter Harvey has some poignant reminders.
Your Focus - 8 Jun 2017 (#824)
3 minute read
Get inspired at #SAFE2017 The award-winning FLTA National Fork Lift Safety Conference prides itself on a program packed with peer-to-peer learning opportunities. Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) chief executive Peter Harvey explains why and hints at what delegates can expect from this year's program.
Your Focus - 23 Mar 2017 (#813)
3 minute read
Quality Audit is a win-win The FLTA is putting its new Quality Manager out on the road to ensure the highest standards, according to Peter Harvey.
Your Focus - 3 Nov 2016 (#794)
3 minute read
Clamping down on dishonest forklift Dodgy dealers seem to be an inherent risk of buying anything second hand. However, when it comes to materials handling equipment, such dishonesty can be dangerous - even life-threatening. Peter Harvey explains how a new industry-wide initiative, Fork Truck Watchdog, will tackle the issue.
Your Focus - 4 Aug 2016 (#781)
2 minute read
Keep trouble at bay Peter Harvey offers some advice to prevent the loading bay from becoming a disaster area.
Your Focus - 23 Jun 2016 (#775)
2 minute read
Renting? Avoid the ups and downs When looking for finance for new lift trucks, there are several dos and don'ts which may save you time, money and hassle further down the line, according to Peter Harvey.
Your Focus - 3 Sep 2015 (#734)
2 minute read
Safety is the only choice Peter Harvey is often struck by an apparent quirk of the human condition that requires us to make artificial choices. Beatles or Stones? Blur or Oasis. Nature or nurture? Why not both?

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