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Tim Waples
Tim Waples is chief executive of the Fork Lift Truck Association.

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Your Focus - 15 Apr 2021 (#1021)
3 minute read
Where are you on your safety culture journey? FLTA chief executive Tim Waples offers 10 tips to kickstart your safety culture.
Your Focus - 3 Dec 2020 (#1003)
4 minute read
Are you up to date on safety? FLTA chief executive Tim Waples believes that the drive to improve safety never stops.
Your Focus - 3 Sep 2020 (#990)
4 minute read
Adapting to long-term change With many organisations focusing on COVID-19, it's important not to forget basic safety, according to Tim Waples.
Your Focus - 18 Jun 2020 (#979)
3 minute read
Why we must maintain a safe distance from forklifts Safe distances are very much in the public eye at the moment, according to Tim Waples.
Your Focus - 12 Mar 2020 (#965)
4 minute read
How to avoid an acrimonious ending FLTA chief executiveTim Waples has seen his share of disputes over end-of-term contracts. Here he offers some practical ways to help avoid acrimony.

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