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Your specialist for the handling of long and heavy loads
- Loads from 500 kg to 350 tonnes -

HUBTEX has taken a leading position in the materials handling equipment and logistics market for many years.  HUBTEX take over where the manufacturers of standard products finish. Core business of our company is the manufacture of customized industrial trucks, for handling of long, heavy and bulky loads in narrow aisles.

HUBTEX stands for precision, reliability and innovation all over the world. We appreciate customers as our employers and develop the best possible industrial trucks together with them. Our customers all over the world appreciate the ruggedness and the modern technology of the HUBTEX product range.

  • multi-directional sideloaders (electric-powered)
    Electric multidirectional sideloaders are available in the load capacity classes from 1.5 to 25.0 tonnes. Within the production series, the industrial trucks can be tailor-made to meet the individual requirements of the end user.
  • multi-directional sideloaders (3-wheel) (electric-powered)
    The HUBTEX 3-wheel multidirectional sideloader with electric dirve are the entry-level variant of electric multidirectional sideloaders with elastic tyres for combined indoor and outdoor use.
  • four-way sideloader (Diesel, LPG, electric-powered)
    The robust and compact fourway sideloaders with capacities up to 10 t have been developed by HUBTEX for outdoor applications for use on semi-solid ground. Due the compact dimensions the HUBTEX fourway sideloaders combines three trucks in one: frontlift, sideloader and fourway sideloader
  • Order-picking solutions
    HUBTEX industrial trucks have to meet most different requirements during order picking operations: Large-volume derived timber products, profiles and sheet stock made of aluminium, steel, synthetic material and a lot more must be transported most efficiently and gently during the order picking operation.
  • Heavy-duty platform trucks
    HUBTEX platform trucks are available in a capacity range up to 100 t. It is a manoeuvrable, self-propelled vehicle for the in-plant transport of a variety of heavy loads. The rail-mounted trucks made by HUBTEX are available up to 350 t capacity
  • Glass Transport Systems
    HUBTEX overs a wide range of glass handling solutions. Reliability and quality are the decisive factors for the transport equipment used in the glass industry, since these vehicles usually have 365 days per year of heavyduty work around the clock.
  • reach trucks (electric-powered)
    HUBTEX reach trucks are characterized by a combination of compact design and high load capacities. HUBTEX SQ offers considerably higher load capacities at the same dimensions as conventional reach trucks. Thus, SQ can be used in the same working aisle widths.
  • special-purpose vehicles
    There are quite often situations in intralogistics where loads become heavier, bigger or bulkier. A solution designed suitable to your individual application provides you with maximum benefit, high truck availability and long life expectancy.
In manufacturing and distribution the world over our machines are designed to facilitate the efficient material flow and turnover of goods, even in very narrow aisles. Our trucks are tailor-made to exactly match the end users specific needs and characterized by their longevity and functionality. Our concepts are characterized by highest flexibility and functionality, as the case may be.

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For more company and product information, <i>click to visit the website.</i> For more company and product information, <i>click to visit the website.</i> For more company and product information, <i>click to visit the website.</i> For more company and product information, <i>click to visit the website.</i> For more company and product information, <i>click to visit the website.</i> For more company and product information, <i>click to visit the website.</i>
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