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Danny Maron
Danny Maron, owner/trainer of Ideal Forklift Training in Canada’s national capital, is an independent consultant, providing the education lift truck operators require, to businesses and government, to minimise the chance of incidents in the workplace. Before founding Ideal in 2000, Danny was a trainer at Canada’s largest forklift dealer.

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Safety First - 29 Jun 2023 (#1134)
3 minute read
Propane Training 101 - don't have a blast Danny Maron takes us through the ins and outs of proper propane safety training.
Safety First - 11 May 2023 (#1127)
3 minute read
Are the monkeys running the zoos? Danny Maron laments falling safety standards in his country – and probably elsewhere.
Safety First - 20 Oct 2022 (#1099)
3 minute read
Challenging trucks While most forklifts are easy to master, Danny Maron finds difficulties with narrow-aisle reach or stand-up counterbalance trucks.
Safety First - 2 Jun 2022 (#1079)
2 minute read
Time is on my side Danny Maron asks businesses to take their eye off the clock.
Safety First - 13 Jan 2022 (#1059)
3 minute read
Don’t look back Danny Maron ponders the lack of safety awareness among pallet truck operators.
Safety First - 9 Sep 2021 (#1042)
2 minute read
Reactive, not proactive Danny Maron believes forklift safety is being forgotten as the focus remains locked on COVID-19.
Safety First - 3 Jun 2021 (#1028)
3 minute read
Walk, don’t run Danny Maron shifts the focus to pedestrian safety.
Safety First - 4 Feb 2021 (#1011)
3 minute read
COVID 19 and forklift training Training has become increasingly difficult amid social distancing and other COVID-related restrictions, as Danny Maron notes.
Safety First - 15 Oct 2020 (#996)
4 minute read
Fly me to the moon Even in tough times, there are no shortcuts in safety training, according to Danny Maron.
Safety First - 26 Mar 2020 (#967)
5 minute read
Goldilocks and forklift speed We often get questions about the correct speed for forklift operations, so we turned to Danny Maron.
Safety First - 6 Feb 2020 (#960)
3 minute read
Walk, don’t run Pallet trucks may seem harmless, but Danny Maron warns that, like all powered equipment, they need to be approached with caution.
Safety First - 4 Jul 2019 (#930)
2 minute read
Mail order training firms? Trainer Danny Maron is more than suspicious about online training - and says fleet operators should be too.
Safety First - 4 Apr 2019 (#917)
3 minute read
Time is on your side, maybe? Pallet trucks may seem harmless, but Danny Maron warns that, like all powered equipment, they need to be approached with caution.
Safety First - 15 Nov 2018 (#898)
3 minute read
The need for refresher training While initial training may be mandatory, follow-up training is seldom required under law - and that, according to Danny Marron, is a problem for all.
Safety First - 5 Jul 2018 (#879)
5 minute read
The Horror Some people are just not cut out to operate forklifts, as Danny Maron discovered.

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