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- 2 Apr 2015 ( #712 )
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The Terex Liftace 5-31 reach stacker is the first of the new generation forklifts that TPS is introducing.
The Terex Liftace 5-31 reach stacker is the first of the new generation forklifts that TPS is introducing.
TPS launches new generation
Düsseldorf, Germany

Terex Port Solutions (TPS) is introducing the first machines of its new-generation forklifts. The Terex Liftace 5-31 reach stacker is the first machine to be launched. Four models of the new Terex Stackace empty container handler will be introduced in the northern spring.
TPS says the machines combine the strengths of their respective predecessors and the two legacy Terex brands PPM and Fantuzzi but with "many innovations".
Klaus Peter Hoffmann, managing director of TPS, says: "The mixture of competitive operating costs, ease of maintenance and convenience at the man/machine interface makes the new machines efficient overall packages."
With a wheelbase of 6,200 mm (20 ft.), the Liftace 5-31 reach stacker can stack up to five high-cube (9'6") containers in the first row. The maximum load capacity is 45 T in the first row, 31 T in the second row and 15 T in the third row.

STILL updates range
Hamburg, Germany

STILL has modernised and expanded its product range for high-lift trucks with and without an operator's stand-on platform. The EXV 14-20 and EXV-SF 14-20 trucks have improvements in power, precision, ergonomics, compactness, safety and environmental responsibility.
STILL has enlarged its EXV battery-powered high-lift truck series by adding six new models with load capacities of up to 2 T, and it claims to offer the widest product portfolio on the market in this segment.
The EXV 14, 16 and 20 pedestrian high-lift trucks and the EXV-SF 14, 16 and 20 (with a fold-out stand-on platform) can be used as combined pedestrian and ride-on trucks
With a maximum unloaded speed of 10 km/h (6 mph) and 8 km/h (5 mph) when loaded, STILL claims the EXV-SF 14-20 models are the fastest trucks on the market.

Dynamic mast control for reach trucks
Aschaffenburg, Germany

Linde Material Handling has presented a new intelligent operator-assist system for reach trucks. The new sensor-controlled "Dynamic Mast Control" automatically compensates and minimises mast oscillations and mast deflection through precise and seamless counter-movements of the reach carriage. This means that the operator does not suffer the waiting times associated with mast oscillations and deflections and can therefore store pallet loads faster, accurately and more safely. The system is currently completing its final field test phase and will be available for the existing reach truck series Linde R14 - R20.
"The market trend for ever higher storage racks in warehouses and distribution centres is continuing apace," says Alexander Schmidt, head of reach trucks. "This means there is an increasing demand for reach trucks with lift heights of over eight metres (26 ft.). While only 38% of all Linde reach trucks sold in 2005 were designed for such heights, this increased to 52% last year."

Yale truck improves operator comfort
Greenville, NC, United States

Yale Materials Handling Corp has launched the new ESC030AD three-wheel stand that allows operators to stack and transport pallets with ease in demanding retail, cold storage and food processing environments.
Equipped with a smart ride floor system, the three-wheel stand offers improved comfort by claiming to eliminate up to 65% of shock and vibrations transmitted to the operator from irregular floor surfaces. Yale Material Handling says this is an advantage of 17% more isolation over its leading competitor. The system does not require adjustments for operator weight, and functions in environments with extreme temperatures and conditions like wash-down and food processing.
Tailift has announced the release of their Z-Series lithium-battery electric forklifts! Built specifically to meet the needs of warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities.
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