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Sany homedepot
  • exalt
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
equipment Depot will be the dealer for Sany port equipment forklifts over 10,000 kg and container handling equipment. This will surely hurt Hyster Yale, KION, Kalmar and even Hoist Toyota
  • Posted 1 Feb 2018 01:31 PM
  • • Modified 2 Feb 2018 07:54 AM by poster
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  • stam
  • Ontario, Canada
Home depot... like the Home Depot hardware store? Selling forklifts? Did you hit your head?
  • Posted 1 Feb 2018 08:10 PM
  • stam
  • Ontario, Canada
Why did I even reply I didn't look who the poster was..
More fake news.
  • Posted 1 Feb 2018 09:27 PM
  • exalt
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Sorry equipment depot not home depot
  • Posted 2 Feb 2018 07:55 AM
  • exalt
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
With Sany now supplieing equipment depot and the hoist Toyota tie up Hyster Yale and KION will both be out of the North American big truck market over 10,000kg by 2022. As for the fake news just watch and see both these companies sales drop like a stone in big trucks over the next four years
  • Posted 2 Feb 2018 10:25 AM
  • exalt
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Stam, you seem not to like the post is this because you work for Hyster
  • Posted 2 Feb 2018 07:50 PM
  • stam
  • Ontario, Canada
I don't like bs. The home depot thing was bs that was the fake news.

I don't work for hyster or any major company.

I don't like speculation and heresay which is mainly why I disagree with most of your posts.

I live in north America, specifically the golden horseshoe which is supposed to be a high traffic area for industry. That being said I have only seen one sany dealer in my area, they have no traction and are mainly trying to sell construction equipment. Here hyster terex and Taylor reign supreme. My eyes tell me your not telling the truth and my experience tells me the Americans won't buy Chinese over American made.
  • Posted 2 Feb 2018 11:21 PM
  • exalt
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Like I said it was equipment depot not Home Depot. Hyundai and Doosan are doing very well in North America, and the Hoist Toyota deal is also taking a big peace of the big truck market in North America. Hyster don’t manufacture big trucks in North America the manufacture them in Holland. This is one reason they are being hit. Sany equipment depot will do well on price alone and Sany will manufacture in the USA
  • Posted 3 Feb 2018 03:27 AM
  • • Modified 3 Feb 2018 03:31 AM by poster
  • exalt
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Over the last three years Hyster has been losing sales in the big truck business in North America. Hoist has been gaining sales as well as Hyundai and Doosan, Sany will also gain market share with equipment depot. At the expense of Hyster KION and Kalmar
  • Posted 3 Feb 2018 03:36 AM
  • stam
  • Ontario, Canada
Before you modified your post you said home depot.
That's really the only reason I replied.

Hyster is an American name. Sany is not.

That's it for me. Good day!
  • Posted 3 Feb 2018 03:43 AM
  • MrPAH
  • South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
So Exalt,Davelift you seam to know about everything and nothing, what's happened to your truck trucks you have been bleeting on about for years.Not just on here but other business forums.
The amount of speculations and fake news you post is ridiculous, all you do is listen to whispers or news from within the industry and speculate.
  • Posted 3 Feb 2018 05:39 AM
  • • Modified 3 Feb 2018 05:40 AM by poster
  • exalt
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
for listen to whispers all the things we put on here come from our own research, 1 KION being sold to WEICHAI came from one of our contacts in a Middle eastern sovereign fund who had been approach by Goldman Sachs on the sale of KION and who Knew the deal. 2 the closure of Linde heavy lift trucks Merthyr Tydfil came from research showing linde truck sales had dropped to bellow 100 units on forklifts over 10,000 kg not including reach stackers per year and the facility was un sustainable. Three Hyster Yale sales has come from research into the North American market showing Hoist Toyota Hyundai and Doosan sales all rising while Hyster sales in North America have dropped, Just look at the Hyster Yale accounts that show the sales have dropped. On Sany Equipment depot yes this was announced the other day but research had shown Sany had weak dealership network in North America and needed to improve this so it was not un expected These are all backed up by research.

As for our own truck yes we have had a couple of problems mainly to do with raising the capital needed to launch the truck and an industry that has done all it can to stop the project as it knows it will hurt it in the area we are aiming at. So if you have herd about our new trucks on our Linkedin page you will Know that the first truck will be tested in the Middle East by a major family company that has been in Business for over 100 years there in May. you will also Know that it will be 100% zero emission with a range of around 12 - 20 hours and a re fueling time of around 5 min. You will also know that they will not have conventional Hydraulics so there will be no need for oil changing and the service cost will be a round 80% lower than a conventional diesel forklift. But you will know all this because you do your research on the market and don't listen to news from the industry,

As for the Stam comment i would just like to point out that the number one forklift Brand in North America is not Crown, Is not Taylor, Is not Hyster Yales Its not Clark its the good old American named company Called TOYOTA
  • Posted 3 Feb 2018 06:28 AM
  • • Modified 3 Feb 2018 06:43 AM by poster
  • exalt
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
I would also Just like to point out that over the last 5 - 10 years the materials handling industry has seen major changes, especially in the area of Class one , two and three. The industry has been driven by the needs of major customers Like Amazon and walmart who have required Automation systems. Companies who are required to meet their organizations needs on sustainability have seen manufactures develop solutions Like Plug power Hydrogen power packs or lithium iorn batteries or BYD and their battery system. But this is just the start of what is to come Over the next 5 - 10 years the development of product in the full forklift range not Just in class one two and three but also four and five will see major development. This is being shown with companies Like Carer and Kalmar development of large electric forklifts. But the most far reaching developments are yet to come.

these will be driven by Companies who want three major things these are a Sustainable products ,lower servicing costs, and longer truck life.

Now like with the automotive industry you see companies Like TESLA driving the adaptation of electric cars, In North America you see NIKOLA developing class eight semi trucks powered by Hydrogen and now the main Industry there is trying to catch up.

What will happen in our industry will see different parts offering different solutions for different customers. Customers like Amazon might go hydrogen, a small company might want Lithium ion because it suits it better. A company who trucks work mainly out side might want a different solution. But one thing is going to be guaranteed the industry is going to change and for Manufactures who don't want change they will go the same way as Nokia or Blackbury and new companies will come in and take there place

Who 20 years ago had herd of Google or Amazon who 15 years ago had herd or Netflix or TESLA who 10 years ago had herd of Uber or Airbnb, who's today herd of hyperloop one

This is not listening to whispers or news in the industry it is backed up by years of research not only in the materials handling industry but other industries that are far more developed than the materials handling industry
  • Posted 3 Feb 2018 07:38 AM
  • • Modified 3 Feb 2018 09:01 AM by poster
  • MrPAH
  • South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Dave you go on and on, and clearly about other non materials handling industry, you were bringing a truck what 6 years ago, using images that were not correct from other companies and linde employees criticised you for this.
Stick to the task let's wait until May 20.. And see what you have.
What company are you trading under now is it uk registered or ceased trading.
We all look forward to your dream becoming reality , let's see.
And good luck
  • Posted 4 Feb 2018 12:01 AM
  • • Modified 4 Feb 2018 12:03 AM by poster
Money talks , [url removed] walks
  • Posted 4 Feb 2018 12:02 AM
  • exalt
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
We have never copied a truck any images we shown as are own ideas.

I would also like to thank the people in Sharjah who have helped make our truck possible.

Never mind BS as our truck will speak for itself by setting the bench mark in heavy forklift design.

A design that is still many years in front of competitors that’s what they are worried about
  • Posted 4 Feb 2018 12:24 AM
  • • Modified 4 Feb 2018 12:29 AM by poster
  • exalt
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
This post is about Equipment depot and Sany, not really about me or the product my company will produce.

Sany has now become the second largest producer of Container handling products like empty container handling forklifts and laden container Reach Stackers. Sany is also improving its sales net work both In Europe were Cooper Specialist Handling do well with Sany products and now in North America were Equipment depot will do very well with Sany products.

again if some one is doing well some else is not doing so well and the main company that will be hit the hardest from this is unfortunately Hyster Yale but it wont be the only company KION, and Kalmar will also be hit.

The North American big truck market is now moving away from the traditional companies like Hyster who in the PAST did well there to new companies like the Hoist Toyota deal and now Sany

If you are that stuck up on what i say or don't like what i say why don't you start your own discussion
  • Posted 4 Feb 2018 12:59 AM
  • • Modified 4 Feb 2018 01:04 AM by poster
  • exalt
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
See Sany are offering 5 year warranty
  • Posted 13 Mar 2018 08:23 PM
  • MrPAH
  • South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
What will your warranty be Dave when your product is launched this month.?
  • Posted 14 Mar 2018 08:33 AM
  • • Modified 14 Mar 2018 08:33 AM by poster
  • exalt
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Our warranty will be in two parts first will be wheel motors they will have a 30,000 hour warranty. Second power pack will have a 25,000 hour warranty
  • Posted 14 Mar 2018 09:04 PM
  • • Modified 17 Mar 2018 03:30 AM by poster
25 and 30 thousand hour warranty? Really, what all does it cover?This is too good to be true.
  • Posted 14 Mar 2018 09:36 PM
Total replies: 40. Showing items 1 - 20 of 40 results.

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