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Thursday, 31 July 2014 ( #678 )
Jungheinrich ETV 110 reach truck
Jungheinrich ETV 110 reach truck
Jungheinrich launches compact trucks
Hamburg, Germany

Jungheinrich has launched the ETV 110 and ETV 112 compact reach trucks with a load capacity of up to 1.2 T that consumes up to 10% less energy than its predecessors.
The new trucks' main features include their slim outside width of 1,120 mm (44 in.) and their narrow and compact wheeled support arms. However, they are capable of manoeuvring a Euro pallet between their support arms.
"This saves a lot of space and is ideal for use in block-stacked storage areas or drive-in racking," says head of reach truck product management, Joachim Schier.
Their compact size - in combination with the retractable mast technology - means the reach trucks can operate in aisles as narrow as 2,455 mm (97 in.).

New seatbelts and forklift from Hyster
Fleet, United Kingdom

Hyster has introduced high-visibility seatbelts with an optional interlock system for its electric and internal combustion engine (ICE) counterbalance forklifts.
The red seatbelt is visible from a distance, allowing supervisors to see if their forklift operators are wearing the belts properly. The optional interlock system prevents the driver from operating the truck without wearing the belt.
The product is available separately or together with an interlock system on the A, J and E Series of Hyster electric trucks and the H and S Series of ICE trucks.
Hyster has also introduced the E4-5.5XN electric forklift series that it says offers the same qualities as an ICE forklift and delivers "brute strength for intensive work".
Suitable for indoor storage and warehousing operations where space may be limited, Hyster says the compact trucks, with 4-5.5 T lift capacity and supporting a minimum 3,993 mm (157 in.) aisle width, enable a higher storage density than equivalent competitor trucks.
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