Manitou TMT55 HT T4:
Runs for a while, sluggish, then hard to start

TMT 55 HT T4
  • Posted 4 Dec 2021 01:30
  • Modified 4 Dec 2021 10:28 by administrator
  • Discussion started by David_Hakey
  • Florida, United States
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did you get this issue resolved?
test the fuel tank for water in the tank as well as test for bio diesel bug.
check the water separator for water and bio diesel slime.
there is also a sensor for the water that de rates the engine power to save the engine from bad fuel.

also check the mechanical fuel pump on the side of the engines pressure with a gauge. it is a basic lift pump for a 10-16 psi.

pump down the fuel tank as far as you can with a electric inline fuel pump.
drain the fuel tank by the bottom of the tank plug.
pull the top fuel tank cover and clean to a perfect spotless clean with brake cleaner.
check and replace the fuel lines as well as needed if the machine is over 5 years old replace the fuel lines.
replace the fuel filter and spotless clean the sediment water separator bowl and sensor.

crack open the air bleed on top of the fuel filter head,
full prime the fuel system before you crank the engine with the manual lever on the side of the fuel pump until you get a full stream of fuel out of the air bleed, close the air bleed and pump at least 20 times more to purge past the by pass on the injection. i always paint those levers red so the crews can spot the lever fast for cold weather fast prime of 20 pumps before they crank when below 40 deg F.
  • Posted 7 Jan 2022 19:52
  • Reply by iowagold
  • Iowa, United States
Thanks Paul in Iowa
Thanks, I'll replace and test
  • Posted 4 Dec 2021 03:37
  • Reply by David_Hakey
  • Florida, United States
inline fuel filter is blocked
  • Posted 4 Dec 2021 03:20
  • Reply by andrew_k
  • England, United Kingdom

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