Yale NR035AENM24TE095:
FU5 to FU6 fuse jumper

Can anyone tell me what the jumper component is that jumps fuses FU5 to FU6? The truck keeps blowing the FU5 fuse and now it has burned out the component in the jumper wire. Can anyone tell me what this controls and possibly why the fuse keeps blowing and also what the component is in the jumper wire. They are 10 amp fuses. I think it has something to do with the lift control because it blew the fuse when I was trying to go up. This fuse burned out before and I replaced it, the truck worked for about a month and then did it again, but now I need to replace the jumper and find out why it keeps blowing fuses. I do know that the lift motor is getting tired and is due for a rebuild/replacement soon(maybe that's what it is)???
The s/n is C815N02355Z
  • Posted 8 Oct 2014 09:14
  • Modified 8 Oct 2014 09:17 by poster
  • Discussion started by DTucker
  • California, United States
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thanks kevin, that was the correct part number, and we found the source of the problem. It was the over the mast cable.
  • Posted 17 Oct 2014 09:21
  • Reply by DTucker
  • California, United States
It's a diode........YALE part number 580002144
  • Posted 8 Oct 2014 09:54
  • Reply by kevin_t
  • Pennsylvania, United States

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