Showroom: Pathways to effective automation

20 April 2023

A selection of automated solutions to improved productivity, efficiencies, safety and sustainability. Looking to implement an automated system in your operations? Read our latest feature: Pathways to effective automation

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ACT (Automated Compact Truck)
ACT is the newest addition to our AGV family, ideal for heavy and high lifting in narrow spaces. It's designed to collaborate with other AGVs and manual operations.
Act together – automated compact truck ACT
3D SLAM AGVs integrate high-end LiDAR and 3D SLAM positioning technology to provide ultimate safety protection for automation operations in factories, warehouses and more. Take automatic jobs to new heights.
LSLiDAR LiDAR 3D Slam AGV Caseshow
AGV Solutions From Cascade
With years of experience supplying front-end solutions for AGVs/AGFs, Cascade has specialized in designing products that keep your automated warehouse as efficient and productive as it can be.
AGV Solutions from Cascade
GoPal® AMRs
Robotize offers a range of safe and collaborative autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and related accessories, including lift and conveyor stations.
MEYER 3/2/1 Pallet Handler
The highest efficiency in logistics at minimal life cycle costs, the 3/2/1 Pallet Handler features the completely encapsulated MEYER Shaft Guide Concept, providing exceptional maintenance intervals.
2t mini stacking AGV from Hangcha
The 2t mini stacking AGV from Hangcha - perfect for logistic centers, warehouses & factories. Its compact design reduces aisle requirements and provides high control precision.
JLG expands production capacity in Tennessee McConnellsburg, PA, United States
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