Showroom: Forklift Safety

9 June 2022

A collection of the latest safety products designed to help reduce the incidence of forklift-related deaths and injuries. Read more about these products and the companies behind them in our LATEST FEATURE.

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Driver ID readers for Access Control
RFID systems eliminate keys. Instead, employees carry an ID card or physical token that transmits their unique ID to a reader installed on the vehicle to enable operation.
ELATEC Solutions - Fleetmanagement and Driver ID
EASI-GRIP Restraint System
APV Safety Products Pty Ltd
A new concept in Occupant Safety Restraint - for industrial, off highway, GSE, construction, and agricultural applications. Encourages seatbelt use, easy fit to operator seat, and OH&S compatible.
The Integra
Holland Vision Systems
The Integra is a full-featured wireless camera system with easy bolt-on installation that takes less than 30 minutes and has over 100 hours battery life with an automatic shutoff switch.
Holland Vision Systems - Integra Forklift Camera System
LoposAlert Forklift Safety Solution
A proximity warning solution using ultra-wideband technology that alerts pedestrians and drivers of close proximity forklifts. We are now looking for distributors and dealers in Europe, North America, and Australia!
Onyx: Telematics for Mixed Fleet Management
A fleet management solution for mixed industrial fleets which empowers you to track your machines in real time, monitoring location, operation, and maintenance.
Onyx - Fleet Management Solution
Linde Motion Detection
Linde Motion Detection prevents collisions with pedestrians or forklift trucks because it detects movements behind the stationary forklift truck that is stopped in reversing.
Reversing safely | Linde Motion Detection
AWARE High-Accuracy Collision Avoidance System
Access Control Group LLC
The AWARE proximity warning system provides equipment to equipment and pedestrian to equipment proximity alerts to avoid injuries, equipment damages, and excess downtime.
Battery Monitoring for Industrial Fleets
A battery monitoring system that helps you avoid the unnecessary wear of expensive and hard-to-replace industrial batteries, maximize their charge cycles, and prolong their lifespan.
GemOne's Battery Monitoring Solution: Telematics for Industrial Batteries
Stik-It Pads
A self-adhesive solution to protecting product, they function as a protective pad that sits in the footprint of the forklift tyne. Easy to attach and remove, fits most fork tynes.
GenieGrips® Stik-It Pads
IRIS-860 Sensor
IRIS-860 sensors detect reflective tape on high-vis vests transforming them into part of an active detection system. If a pedestrian enters the detection zone there is an audible alert. 
SEEN Safety IRIS 860 Pedestrian Detection Sensor


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Featured Business

Lift Tek Elecar
Global leader in the design and manufacture of masts, carriages, integral sideshifters & fork positioners.
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The tide of new products continues, and this week we report on a few new offerings which reflect broader industry trends.
The move to electrification sees MacGregor debut a fully electrically driven heavy-duty transloading crane. Hubtex, meanwhile, has released its new RoxX electric heavy-duty compact forklift.
Also on the electric
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