Thursday, 23 April 2020 ( #974 )
Find a wide range of materials handling products and solutions from your local region and across the globe here in our 'GLOBAL Virtual Expo'. Interested in becoming an exhibitor? Contact us if you would like to learn more. WATCH this space - updated every week:
GUANGZHOU HESHENG PRESENTS: A huge range of forklift parts including electric forklift switches, controllers, contactors, connector sensors, motors, wheels and more! LEARN MORE SEND AN EMAIL | WEBSITE | SHOPFRONT
MICROLIFT PRESENTS: The newest member of the Microlift Hybrid family was launched recently, it is a stainless steel pallet truck - Model: ET15MH-SL. LEARN MORE SEND AN EMAIL | WEBSITE | SHOPFRONT
F.UCHIYAMA PRESENTS: Your global partner since 1924. We provide used forklifts and used construction machinery import and export from Japan to the world, with care. LEARN MORE SEND AN EMAIL | WEBSITE | STOCKLIST
TITAN FORKLIFTS PRESENTS: The New Titan S-Series with improved suspension and ergonomic design to help with operator comfort and efficiency. Comes with a robust 5-Year warranty. LEARN MORE SEND AN EMAIL | WEBSITE | SHOPFRONT
FORKLIFTCENTER PRESENTS: Forkliftcenter now offers live machine inspections using video conferencing technology. Select a machine and book your Virtual Test-Drive / Inspection today. Keep on moving! LEARN MORE SEND AN EMAIL | WEBSITE | STOCKLIST
EIKTO PRESENTS: EKT's 150AH LiFePo4 is the ideal Lithium Cell for traction application. EKT is the best power supply for all ground traction, including Material Handling Equipment, Aerial Work Platform and Cleaning Equipment. LEARN MORE SEND AN EMAIL | WEBSITE | SHOPFRONT
BOLZONI AURAMO PRESENTS: The Easy-MOVE Intelligent System, installed on home and appliance clamps, uses laser sensors for damage-free handling of all items packaged in cardboard boxes. Take the responsibility off truck drivers for wrong handling. LEARN MORE SEND AN EMAIL | WEBSITE | SHOPFRONT
PLUG POWER PRESENTS: Plug Power's zero-emission GenDrive fuel cell products can power anything from electric forklifts and pallet jacks to AGVs and tuggers. These fuel cells have accrued hundreds of thousands of hours of runtime. LEARN MORE SEND AN EMAIL | WEBSITE
HANGCHA PRESENTS: Co-developed by Hangcha and one of the best engine manufacturers in China, our E Series EU V certified engines enjoy clean emission, strong power, high reliability, great comfort and better price. LEARN MORE SEND AN EMAIL | WEBSITE | SHOPFRONT
MEIJER HANDLING SOLUTIONS PRESENTS: KOOI®-REACHFORKS - in motion for 40 years. This year we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the KOOI®-REACHFORKS. Since the hydraulic extendable lifttruck forks developed by Meijer in 1980, the 175000th reach forks will be produced this year. LEARN MORE SEND AN EMAIL | WEBSITE
CAMSO PRESENTS: Camso's Solideal RES 550 Magnum series and Hauler LT tires have proven to offer double the tire life when compared to competition tires at a client location in New Zealand. LEARN MORE SEND AN EMAIL | WEBSITE
RAVAS - MOBILE WEIGHING SYSTEMS PRESENTS: iForks-32 High accuracy, next generation weighing forks, powered by compact Lithium ion battery packs. No cabling, installed in minutes. Standard with Bluetooth 4.0 data transfer. LEARN MORE SEND AN EMAIL | WEBSITE
CUMMINS PRESENTS: Cummins Performance Series engines reduce costs for both manufacturers and users. Available from 75 to 503 kW they provide ultra-clean, responsive power for material handling and forklift applications. LEARN MORE SEND AN EMAIL | WEBSITE
HELI PRESENTS: HELI lithium battery products are supporting environmental protection, low noise, no acid mist volatilization, high efficiency and energy saving and the charging efficiency is as high as 95%. LEARN MORE SEND AN EMAIL | WEBSITE | SHOPFRONT
VETTER FORKS PRESENTS: VETTER BigForks: Power package for safe handling of heavy loads. With load capacities up to 120 tons and blade lengths up to 5,000 mm, BigForks offer solutions for almost all applications where heavy loads are moved. LEARN MORE SEND AN EMAIL | WEBSITE | SHOPFRONT
CASCADE CORPORATION PRESENTS: Sensor Forks use a digital camera and sensor package embedded in the fork tip to maximize your visibility and precision. With a live feed transmitted to a truck mounted display, operators can easily see where the forks meet the load. LEARN MORE SEND AN EMAIL | WEBSITE | SHOPFRONT
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