Your Logistics Playbook: Maximize Efficiency with Cascade

Thursday, 25 July 2019 ( #933 )
Around the world, across industries, materials handling operations all share a few things in common. No matter what kind of product you move, you have to pay attention to three important things: time, money, and quality. How fast are we effectively moving product? What does it cost us along the way? And how do we ensure that it reaches the customer in good condition?

Luckily, Cascade Corporation can help you answer these questions. Whether your business is focused on logistics, like a warehousing or distribution company, or you just want to improve your operation's intralogistics, Cascade has a solution that fits. With our logistics playbook, you can find the right way to optimize your materials handling. Take a look at these common challenges and find out how Cascade can help keep the kinks out of your supply chain.

Challenge: We need to save time & move product faster.

There are only so many hours in a day, but Cascade can help you make those hours count. Our lift truck attachments are designed to offer peak performance and fast, efficient operation across the board. More significant time savings come in to play when you are able to eliminate steps from your workflow entirely. Cascade's mobile weighing solutions, such as Weigh Forks, allow you to weigh product as you move it with built-in scales. No need to bring a load to a stationary scale, drop it off, and exit the truck to work the scale. Operators can simply use the on-board wireless display for weighing and transmitting data, saving handling time in applications that require weighing, piece counting, dosing, or inventory tracking.

Sometimes you simply need to move more product per load in order to maintain your target throughput. With Cascade, there are many ways to make that happen. High capacity attachments, from Rotators and Paper Roll Clamps to Tire Handlers, enable you to make quick work of large volumes of product. Multiple Load Handlers are another versatile solution, with models capable of handling from one to six or more pallets of product at once.

AGV Equipped with a Cascade Paper Roll Clamp
AGV Equipped with a Cascade Paper Roll Clamp
If you're working on the other side of the scales and need an effective solution for moving smaller loads, Cascade has answers for that, too. Our 3H Paper Roll Clamp is designed to handle narrow-width or ultra-light rolls of paper and packaging materials, such as in paper converting and packaging applications. With configurations available for use on stand-up trucks and walkie-style equipment, the 3H Paper Roll Clamp is built to provide the efficiency and speed to help you quickly move product through your workflow.

More and more businesses are turning to automation in order to make better use of their time. If you use or plan on using Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), then you should know that Cascade has you covered; our full range of attachments can be equipped with an electronic interface and sensors for use with AGVs. Cascade engineers work closely with OEMs to ensure that these attachments integrate seamlessly with AGV systems and provide customers with reliable automated material handling.

Challenge: We need to reduce costs.

Cascade J-Series Carton Clamp
Cascade J-Series Carton Clamp
At Cascade, we pride ourselves on working closely with customers to understand their specific needs. Material handling solutions come in many shapes, sizes, and budgets. We ensure that our attachments offer a low total cost of ownership through features like reduced maintenance needs and energy efficient operation; our latest family of Carton Clamps, the J-Series, feature state-of-the-art hydraulics to maximize both performance and efficiency. You can also rely on Cascade's industry-leading warranty programs to get the most out of your attachments. Our knowledgeable sales team can help you employ a variety of strategies when you need to move that bottom line.

Some Cascade attachments can offer cost savings - as well as increased efficiency - by consolidating functionality. A Fork Clamp is a flexible attachment that can handle both pallets and crate- or bale-shaped loads, allowing you to cover multiple functions from just one lift truck. Other options, including Push-Pulls and Roller Forks, give you the option to handle a wide variety of loads and even eliminate pallet expenses.

Cascade can offer cost-effective alternatives when you are looking to purchase an attachment. We offer a wide range of rental solutions if you only need an attachment for the short term, such as during seasonal business fluctuations. Cascade's rental fleets offer well-maintained and up-to-date attachments, as well as customized options. Cascade Certified Used or Remanufactured attachments may also fit the bill for your needs. With these attachments, you are assured Cascade quality with a reduced investment. These attachments, obtained through Cascade's buyback programs, are subject to rigorous testing and undergo any required service to return the attachments to original Cascade specifications.

Challenge: We need to reduce product damage and ensure quality delivery.

Moving product faster can't help you if your product is damaged along the way. With decades of expertise at hand, Cascade has been able to design and implement a wide range of systems that help lift truck operators succeed.

A Cascade rental fleet
A Cascade rental fleet
In addition to a full range of lift truck attachments, Cascade offers a suite of damage reduction systems and accessories that increase operator efficiency and the success rate for delivering product damage-free. Hydraulic Force Control, or HFCTM, is one of Cascade's most popular damage reduction accessories, available in versions for both Paper Roll Clamps and Carton Clamps. It automatically senses the hydraulic pressure necessary to lift a load and adjusts clamping pressure proportional to the load weight, reducing the risk of clamping the load with too much or too little force. HFCTM operates without any special actions on the part of the driver, making it a fast, efficient, and driver-friendly damage reduction solution.

Other damage reduction solutions include: DTITM (Digital Tilt Indicator), which informs the driver of proper mast tilt for perfect pad or fork alignment; the Drop Stop System, which prevents the sudden carriage drop that can occur when the lowering valve is held open after the load has been safely deposited; and HFC+TM, which combines the efficiency of HFCTM with a dual cylinder hydraulic system, enabling a single paper roll clamp to automatically apply the ideal clamp force for distinct size ranges of paper rolls. Attachment sensors and indicators are also available, which can provide your drivers with helpful, efficiency-boosting information about the movement and positioning of their attachment.

In logistics, margins matter. Even small improvements can help your bottom line when you work with the huge volumes that take place in material handling. Whether you're focused on optimizing for time, money, quality - or all three - Cascade can help you find a way to improve the equation. On top of our wide range of forks, attachments, and options, we also offer custom solutions in order to solve the challenges you face. Consult your Cascade representative today to find how we can help you find the best unique solution for your application.

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