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IPO Lifts forklifts
IPO Lifts forklifts
IPO Lifts is a leading Bulgarian manufacturer of BIG heavy duty and BIG rough terrain forklifts with over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing sector. Originating from the established machine-building company IPO Ltd., IPO Lifts is growing with a considerable speed. Only several years after the start of production of forklifts, the company manages to establish its name on the international material handling market.

The brand has already established in the mining, agriculture, construction industries and the military services, distinctive with its uncompromised quality, excellent design and high efficiency of performance. A key advantage is the careful selection of world renowned components built in the machines - Volvo Penta, CAT, Perkins, Cummins, Dana, ZF etc. The foundation principle of IPO Lifts is to always provide an optimal solution to clients, ensuring high productivity and low total cost of ownership.

The unique 4x4 & 4x2 line offers BIG rough terrain forklifts with capacity from 4 up to 8-10 tons suitable for virtually any material handling environments such as open mines, military, agriculture, wood enterprises, deserts and sand regions, underdeveloped road conditions and so on. They ensure productivity and security for all types of cargo handling on difficult and irregular terrain. These industrial forklifts can be tailor made to the needs of any demanding and intensive operating environment. Reliable proven components, low cost of ownership, fuel efficiency and outstanding driver comfort which deliver an excellent return on investment. The special features ensure they are designed for high mobility and superb productivity in rough terrain area.

The BIG industrial forklifts line are distinctive with a wide variation in loading capacityfrom 5 up to 32 tons machines and their innovative design, fully developed by IPO Lifts engineering unit. Key focus of the product development team is the optimal fit of the produced forklifts for the particular application needs of our clients. Therefore, main priority in the production process is the development of custom-designed machines,built according to the clients' specific requirements. This means that each manufactured forklift could be accustomed to a wide variety of parameters - off-road operation capability, lifting capacity, lifting height, extras, etc.

5 ton 4x4 and 16ton IPO Lifts
5 ton 4x4 and 16ton IPO Lifts
Rough terrain IPO Lifts forklift in action
Rough terrain IPO Lifts forklift in action

Safety and comfort during exploitation of the forklifts is another key priority in the design process. The machines fully comply with all safety requirements. Low vibration levels are achieved by the cabin module being mounted to the chassis on its own rubber pads. Also all forklifts are equipped with adjustable seats with a belt and armrests for high level of operator's comfort and perfect visibility in all directions. AC conditioning and cabin heating are also provided for full comfort of the operator.

Quality of the machines is fully guaranteed by the manufacturer with a 24 months warranty. All forklifts are subject to functional, agility and stability tests carried out by an external authorized agency. This guarantees the machines reliability and safety for our clients.

IPO Lifts has successfully implemented ISO 9001:2008 system, by application of input and output control, selection of optimal technology, control over functional and technical parameters at various stages of the production cycle. The company is also certified under AQAP 2110 certificate (Military standard), which further emphasizes the strict quality control standards of the company.

History of the company
Found in 1990, IPO Ltd. operates in two business domains - manufacturing and distribution The company is dedicated to delivering premium quality technology solutions for the machine building, mining, construction, agricultural and transport industries in Bulgaria as well as internationally. The company is an established supplier of large machine-building corporations in Europe of metal parts and solutions.

The manufacturing business unit of forklift trucks in IPO Ltd. emerges as a result of the company's long standing experience in the machine-building sector combined with an obvious gap in the market for highly customized loading equipment.

The 20+ years of experience in the design, production, repair and maintenance of equipment and spare parts for the mining, agriculture and road construction industries provides our manufacturing team with the vital know-how and expertise in the forklift concept development, design and building process.

What sets our forklifts apart?
  • Wide production range - forklifts with lifting capacity from 5 to 32 tons with variable Load Centers
  • BIG Rough Terrain 4x4 & 4x2 forklifts both hydrodynamic or hydrostatic driven
  • Manufacturing of customized forklifts in accordance to customer requirements
  • High-quality products with 24 months warranty
  • Warranty and aftermarket service
  • Great variety of attachments and options

For more information please contact us!

IPO Lifts
Stanislav Dimitrov
P: 00359 2 971 9549
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