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Camso acquires Eurowheel

Tuesday, 12 July 2016 ( #778 ) - Magog, QC, Canada
Camso is adding Eurowheel's products to its array
Camso is adding Eurowheel's products to its array
Camso has strengthened its service offering in Europe and increased its wheel manufacturing capacity with the acquisition of Eurowheel, a long-time supplier of tyre presses and small runs of wheels.

Located in Herenthout, Belgium, Eurowheel is an established manufacturer of wheels, presses and tools for European distributors as well as OEMs across Europe.

"This acquisition will allow Camso to produce a greater volume and a wider range of wheels for resilient and press-on tyres," says Gregory Fossey, vice president, EMEA - aftermarket division at Camso. "As a niche player in the off-the-road market, Camso aims to provide products and services to OEM and aftermarket clients for special wheels and small order quantities - needs not met by any other company," Fossey explains.

Adding Eurowheel's manufacturing capacity to that of Camso will ensure more flexibility on wheel production and bring shorter lead times for customers. This benefits Camso's European tyre service business in Europe, but more specifically in Belgium, the Netherlands, UK and Germany.

Camso (formerly Camoplast Solideal) has assumed responsibility for Eurowheel's employees, facility, inventory and equipment. Employees from both organisations will work together to build a larger, better team to ensure consistency in the quality of its products and services.

"We will continue to build upon the expertise and processes that Eurowheel customers have grown accustomed to. We are confident the shared knowledge of the two teams will continue to provide a competitive and reliable wheel offering to customers," according to Fossey.

Camso employs more than 7,500 employees and has an 11% share of the global tyre and track market.
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