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Wednesday, 22 January 2014 ( #651 )
Komatsu has designed a new engine to meet emission regulations in Japan, North America and Europe.
Komatsu has designed a new engine to meet emission regulations in Japan, North America and Europe.
Komatsu starts making new engines
Tokyo, Japan

Komatsu Ltd has started commercial production of new engines it has developed to comply with emission regulations in Japan, North America and Europe that take effect this year.
In response to the new regulations, Komatsu developed and adopted a next-generation high-pressure common rail fuel injection system, a high-efficiency exhaust gas recirculation system, a variable geometry turbocharger system and a diesel particulate filter, which it says have been well received on the market.
New regulations effective in 2014 require reduced nitrogen oxide emissions to no more than one-tenth of the preceding regulations.

Wilmat tow trucks boost efficiency
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Bespoke equipment built by Wilmat is improving efficiency at an electrical components plant.
Wilmat has supplied Flint, Schneider Electric with a 3.5 T battery-powered, stand-on tow tractor with bespoke trailers, which has boosted productivity at its client's production cells.
Schneider's Shane Lloyd says: "We've introduced new manufacturing cells and the equipment was needed to deliver raw materials to work stations and then evacuate finished components as part of one continuous process.
"The new tow tractor and trolleys operate like a train around the production 'cell' and Wilmat's help was invaluable in developing both the layout and a truck capable of navigating the most efficient route."
Flint, Schneider Electric manufactures fabricated fittings for electrical cabling, and a range of cable management solutions at its Baglit facility.

TVH joins IPAF
Waregem, Belgium

The TVH Group is joining the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF). The company headquarters in Belgium will be the main IPAF member and 18 other TVH companies in 15 countries will hold IPAF group membership.
TVH director of business development Kristof Coudenys says: "As a result of the expansion of our rental activities and the growing sales of aerial platform parts, we are convinced our IPAF membership will further show the commitment TVH has in the international aerial world."
The group was established in 1969 and today distributes forklifts, aerial work platforms and industrial in-plant vehicles. It boasts more than 20,000 customers in more than 160 countries.

Factory completed in China
Yantai, China

A ceremony was held at the end of last year to mark the completion of Doosan Industrial Vehicle's (DIV) new Yantai factory in China.
The factory, with an annual capacity of 7,000 units, was completed 15 years after the first Doosan forklift was produced and sold in China in 1998.
DIV president CW Park, Chinese and South Korean municipal guests and the secretary-general of the China Forklift Committee were among attendees at the event.
Park says the new plant will be central to DIV's plans to achieve "global brand status".
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