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Allan Leibowitz introduces news edition #103

Thursday, 17 April 2003 ( #103 )
Editor Allan Leibowitz comments on the news of the week
Editor Allan Leibowitz comments on the news of the week
Many companies have taken a fresh approach to their marketing by unleashing their business onto the community, with staggering results. Below is an extract from a letter, forwarded to us, from a happy advertiser to an industry colleague who was thinking about a campaign: "...In the past, to make lift truck distributors aware of our shrink protective packaging, we advertised in several US journals. We even attended several manufacturer fairs, and tried direct mail. I've found that we've received more business and interest through than all the above, and in less time and money! It's even opened doors to some OEMs we had approached at other times without success. We've even gotten some interest from overseas. It seems reaches a lot of people in the wider material handling business and covers a lot of ground..." Peter Cammisa, Sales Manager, CT Packaging For more information contact Penryn Maddrell on
The Big Logistics Diversity Challenge - a team-building event open to the logistics industry - will take place on 23 June, 2022 at Newark Showground in the heart of the East Midlands
BOLZONI talks about how a strong partnership and the right audience can work together for advertising success.
Feyter Forklift Services delivers heavy handling machines on a global scale, with special focus on Kalmar reachstackers, heavy forklifts, and Terberg terminal tractors. A dedicated Spare Parts team can...
With its pinpoint people detection technology, this VIA Mobile360 Forklift Safety System prevents collisions with pedestrians in complex work environments by alerting the forklift operator whenever someone inadvertently steps within a hazardous range of their vehicle.
Recently, "ESG Top 100 A-Share Companies" compiled by the Securities Times was released at the "ESG Development Seminar & 2021 Annual Meeting of Chinese Securities Companies". HELI was ranked among the list.
Power, Autonomy and Reliability - The future of material handling is here.

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