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Forkliftaction – 20 years powering growth

Thursday, 9 July 2020 ( #982 )
For 20 years our offer to the materials handling community has been a simple one - we give easy access to reliable industry news and resources to help you grow your business. Out of this small proposition, we've worked hard to keep you knowledgeable about the fast evolving global market and connected with members of your industry. We have been truly fortunate to partner with a broad range of materials handling companies these past 20 years - from small, local dealers of machinery to leading manufacturers with thriving global networks. We feel that good business is powered by the strength of the relationships that support it. With enormous thanks (and great pride) we share these testimonials from our valued advertisers:

"Our company provides a wide range of material handling equipment, but forklifts have always been the backbone of our products and services. I can think of no other outlet that has done more to provide valuable news and insights into the global lift truck market than The Forkliftaction shopfront, marketplace, and newsletter help us engage with customers and keep us connected to the industry. They are an important and even necessary resource for anyone who deals with forklifts and similar equipment."

Christian McKinney, Marketing Manager,
H&K Equipment Group
(Advertising on Forkliftaction for 14 YEARS)

"Congratulations for the 20 years anniversary that is coming soon! Forkliftaction has been such an important partner in this industry, we really appreciate the growth."

Sang Tian, Vice President, E-P Equipment Co Ltd (Advertising on Forkliftaction for 14 YEARS)

"20 years of on-line: a very big achievement in the fast moving digital world. Congratulation on this anniversary! KAUP has been a part of it from nearly the beginning and since then we appreciate the worldwide perspective of Forkliftaction in order to present our products and inform ourselves about the global market. Last but not least, the professional team makes Forkliftaction a brand in our industry. Keep up the good work! KAUP wishes continued success!"

Jackie Hartmann, Assistant to the Managing Directors, KAUP GmbH & Co. KG (Advertising on Forkliftaction for 17 YEARS)

"Forkliftaction has been an excellent platform for Liftking, not only for showcasing our large range of products and solutions to rough terrain material handling, but also to keep abreast on any and all worldwide issues related to this exciting industry. In today's rapidly changing landscape with regards to new propulsion technologies, safety regulations, and innovative designs, we feel Forkliftaction will be a popular destination for anyone who wants to keep up to date."

Jeff Cockerton, General Manager, Liftking Manufacturing Corp. (Advertising on Forkliftaction for 18 YEARS)

"We congratulate Forkliftaction on the 20-year anniversary milestone as well as on its unique success story in an industry-specific information and marketing sector. We really appreciate the professional cooperation and the continuous support which we got to experience throughout the years. Forkliftaction is the ideal global information and marketing tool for the material handling sector and its customers. It is essential for staying up-to-date!"

Ralf Taubenheim, Export Manager,
Durwen Maschinenbau GmbH
(Advertising on Forkliftaction for 14 YEARS)

" is a place where professionals in the forklift industry can communicate and discuss together and it's been a pleasure to collaborate with their team for multiple years now. Whether it's to share success stories, product launches and even patented new innovations, it's the place to be! In addition to be a great source to stay in touch with the material handling industry, it offers a unique platform to reach out to our customers located all around the world. Congratulations to the team for 20 years of, and cheers to 20 more!"

Darren Stratton, Product Management Director Material Handling, Camso (Advertising on Forkliftaction for 3 YEARS)

"At Linde Material Handling, we appreciate Forkliftaction for its competent and informative reporting and its global perspective. Forkliftaction is one of the few industry media with a transnational readership."

Heike Oder, Head of Trade Press, Linde Material Handling (Advertising on Forkliftaction for 14 YEARS)

"For several years, Rocla has not only been actively following for keeping up to date with the latest industry news, but also explored various opportunities provided by the platform to enhance the brand and connect with the worldwide forklift community. Thanks to the cooperation with and its broad communication network, we are able to share the valuable information about various automation solutions that we are providing for a wide range of industries. Undoubtedly, peer experience plays a crucially important role in our industry and it is extremely valuable for us to be part of the platform, where industry professionals, as well as end users can discuss and learn more about the materials handling world."

Alexandra Artemova, Marketing Specialist, Rocla AGV Solutions (Advertising on Forkliftaction for 9 YEARS)

"I have worked with for many years and they are a highly respected and authoritative voice when it comes to the forklift industry. The advertising reach and coverage, both locally and internationally, for our niche market through Forkliftaction is, in my view, unrivalled. Furthermore, during these unprecedented times, never more has the need for smart digital platforms, communication and solutions been so highlighted and necessary. My contact Rodger Lamb, and his team have always been the epitome of professionalism and teamwork. Happy 20th Anniversary!"

Carlo Piccirilli, Sun-Tws & Fortis Tyres (Carlo has been advertising on Forkliftaction for 17 YEARS, Sun-Tws for 3)

"Congratulations to for providing 20 years of readership service to the material handling industry. We appreciate your dedication, service and commitment. We look forward to many more years of industry news and information."

- Kendra Carter-Mansfield, Director of Marketing Hawker Powersource (Advertising on Forkliftaction for 5 YEARS)

"Congratulations on your 20th anniversary. Forkliftaction provides a really professional platform that lets us know the advanced forklift technology and the latest trends. People in forklift industry know each other and connect with each other. It's also a great way to promote products and improve brand's popularity."

Roger Qiu, Director of Export Department, Banyitong Science & Technology Developing Co.,Ltd. (MIMA) (Advertising on Forkliftaction for 10 YEARS)

"Wow, time really flies and it has been a wonderful journey indeed for Allied Forklift and, I've enjoyed your weekly newsletter since day one where I get all my updates and news from industries players all around the world be it products, equipment, attachments, events and most importantly, the people ! I find is the most reliable and trusted place on the internet as a platform for industry people to exchange views, gather friendship, foster relationships, promote products and work together for the betterment of our forklift industries globally. Congratulations on these milestones and please keep up the good work you guys have been putting together for us and look forward to many more great times to come. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Daniel Wong, General Manager, Allied Forklift (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (Advertising on Forkliftaction for 12 YEARS)

"We consider Forkliftaction to be the leading site in this industry. It always delivers great exposure and guaranteed reach internationally. We appreciate the professional approach and look forward to further cooperation. Thank you Roger Lamb and your team."

Dušan Uhrík, CEO, Powerbatt (Advertising on Forkliftaction for 16 YEARS)

"STAXX has been participate Forkliftaction for 3 years already, we greatly appreciated all your time and help. It is a helpful and professional platform for the materials handling industry and forklift manufacturers, users etc. We always know what is happening in the industry thanks to the weekly newsletter. We feel Forkliftaction is a good platform for promoting our new products to the industry. Congratulations on your 20th anniversary, we know you will keep up the great work in the future. Best wishes to you and all of the staff at Forkliftaction."

Thomas Wang, Export Director, Ningbo Staxx Material Handling Equipment Co.,Ltd (Advertising on Forkliftaction for 3 YEARS)

"Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of Forkliftaction! We are grateful that you continue to provide us with professional and valuable information and resources for 20 years. We, as your loyal fans for 20 years, will support you as always, and hope that you will continue to add more value to our working life. Congratulations and thanks again!"

Chu Jiang, Vice President, Ningbo Ruyi Joint Stock Co., Ltd. (Advertising on Forkliftaction for 13 YEARS)

"Congratulations for the 20th anniversary of! We want to take this opportunity to express our thanks for the perfect job you have done for us over the last 12 years. As the no. 1 forklift manufacturer in China and top 8 in the world, Hangcha commits to make handling easier, and Forkliftaction helps us to access the world easier. We are really looking forward to more years of cooperation and wish Forkliftaction another great 10 Years."

George Zhang, Deputy General Manager, Zhejiang Hangcha Imp.& Exp.Co.,Ltd (Advertising on Forkliftaction for 12 YEARS)

"20 years Forkliftaction! This is absolutely exciting! I don't want to miss even a single day of these 20 years with Forkliftaction. If I am right, I registered for the newsletter quite in the beginning, as a business friend mentioned to me something about some great people from downunder doing an excellent newsletter about forklifts. Rodger Lamb and his team are constantly providing valuable and well researched information about our industry which gave and is still giving us always an excellent basis for our decisions. If you are in the lift-truck industry it is an absolute must to be present at Forkliftaction. Since 2007 we are using Forkliftaction as a platform to actively present our QualityForks to our international customers, as Forkliftaction is still the only newsletter which really deserves the title "worldwide". And even after 20 years Forkliftaction is fresh and up-to-date week by week and sometimes I can't await the upcoming issue. I wish the whole Forkliftaction-Team also for the (minimum) next 20 years all the best, good ideas, optimism and, most important, stay healthy! Thank You and let's stay in contact!"

Arnold Vetter, Managing Director, VETTER Forks (Germany & United States) (Advertising on Forkliftaction for 13 YEARS)

"Forkliftaction is the leading platform to reach anyone who uses forklift and materials handling technologies. Hyster-Yale Group (HYG) is a diverse global materials handling company with complex needs, and Forkliftaction has been a great investment for us with strong results. Congratulations on your 20 year anniversary!"

Tony Kim, Marketing Manager, Asia-Pacific, Hyster-Yale Group (Advertising on Forkliftaction for 4 YEARS)

"Congratulations on your 20th anniversary Forkliftaction! has been and continues to be a trusted source for industry news and a vital link to potential customers for Big Joe Forklifts and our dealer network. We greatly appreciate the open communication that FLA provides between the manufacturers and end users for product releases, service tips, industry trends and regulatory changes. As a marketing platform, we have found to be an effective and affordable media partner for the better part of a decade. The ease of use and return on investment have made it a mainstay for Big Joe Forklifts. Here's to another 20 great years!"

Bill Pedriana, Chief Marketing Officer, Big Joe Forklifts (Advertising on Forkliftaction for 16 YEARS)

"Congratulations, Forkliftaction, on your 20th anniversary. TVH is proud to be a part of one of the industry's top news and information websites. We have been working with Forkliftaction for many years now with great success. The site has been instrumental in keeping the market informed about our many products and services. We wish you continued success for many more years to come. "

Lyndi Jahelka, Marketing Specialist, TVH Parts Americas (Advertising on Forkliftaction for 16 YEARS)

"Elgas has developed a great relationship with Forkliftaction over the past 12 years that we have been working together. They have been a major contributor to our forklift segment and we are constantly working together to improve. We appreciate their attention to detail, the staff are great and they have become part of the Elgas family. We look forward to many more years of partnership. "

Ray Squires, Commercial Marketing Manager, Elgas Ltd. (Advertising on Forkliftaction for 12 YEARS)

"Dear Forkliftaction team, congratulations on your 20th anniversary! We are happy to celebrate with you this milestone. Since we started working together back in 2007 your team has been very professional offering us a clear overview of our plans and results for our campaigns. Most importantly, your platform has helped us reaching out to more customers. We appreciate Forkliftaction for being a key online magazine in the materials handling. Therefore, we consider it a great medium to share our news regarding the latest Cat® lift trucks and warehouse equipment innovations and our advice and solutions for the different industries. All the best wishes for the next 10 years!"

Monica Escutia, Manager Corporate & Marketing Communications,
Cat Lift Trucks
(Advertising on Forkliftaction for 13 YEARS)

"Interthor has been using Forkliftaction News for many years as our online industry specific advertising platform. Some of the reasons being that we feel that it is the best site online to give industry news for the particular part of the material handling industry that we cater to. And also because Forkliftaction News are international and cover all the markets that we cover. Finally we always appreciate to work with the staff members at Forkliftaction News. They are always very helpful with designs, feedback and reminders about upcoming campaigns. Which is very helpful when the world is moving along at warp speed. We feel that the exposure and return we see from using Forkliftaction News are great value for money"

Jesper Jorgensen, VP of Sales, Interthor Inc. (Advertising on Forkliftaction for 4 YEARS)

"Congratulations Forkliftaction on your 20th anniversary! You are an essential source of information on anything and everything forklift related and as a global exporter your worldwide reach is invaluable for us. Your in-depth editorial coverage and advertising opportunities have also enabled our customers and would-be customers to keep up to date with Combilift's latest developments and product news. Thursdays wouldn't be the same without your weekly bulletin."

Martin McVicar, CEO & CO-founder, Combilift (Advertising on Forkliftaction for 16 YEARS)

"Congratulations! You have succeeded in building yourself a great and global audience in the forklift industry. Thanks to the high-quality content and numerous possibilities in advertisement, your platform has become an important podium for our brand. We especially appreciated your support during corona times. Cheers!"

Charlotte Maassen, Marketing and Communications Manager, RAVAS mobile weighing and dimensioning solutions (Advertising on Forkliftaction for 16 YEARS)

"Congratulations on 20 years anniversary! is one of the best sources for updated information about material handling industry. The news always gives us the ideas for our business. We've been working with since 2008 and could have many encounters through the marketplace for these 12 years. Here, we would like to express our deep appreciation for your great support over years and expand our business with for further years to come."

Noboru Uchiyama, Manager, F.Uchiyama & Co.,Ltd. (Advertising on Forkliftaction for 12 YEARS)

"Happy 20th anniversary to Forkliftaction! Cascade is grateful your publication is available for our industry as it consistently provides good insight and a wholistic view on materials handling trends, news and information from around the world. We look forward to receiving the newsletter every Thursday!"

Carrie Schave, Senior Corporate Marketing Specialist, Cascade Corporation (Advertising on Forkliftaction for 17 YEARS)

Forkliftaction celebrates 20 years - powering knowledge, powering connections,
powering growth.

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