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Can anybody tell me some experiences of Doosan forklifts(used to be Daewoo forklifts)?
  • Posted 16 Feb 2007 12:18
  • Discussion started by Kass
  • Korea, Korea, Republic Of
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Do you get any Doosan courses in the UK? What's the diagnostic software like?
  • Posted 7 Jun 2017 05:24
  • Reply by alain_prost
  • West Midlands, United Kingdom
My experience is completely different we had a large fleet of LPG pro5 doosans mainly at 2 customers they were a nightmare transmission failures wiring loom failures and the GM engine lol cooling faults spark plug threads failing wheel bearings failures the list was as long as my arm they were serviced per doosan intervals using doosan parts (we were a doosan dealer). Then the B series electric trucks we had the amount of controller failures we had was tragic. They were such a good truck lol our biggest customer insisted we either went with another make or they would go elsewhere and I'm glad to say we did
  • Posted 5 Oct 2015 06:46
  • Reply by lifter01
  • West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
I am a resident engineer on a site that has ran the doosan D20SC-5. These little trucks racked up 10k plus hours in under 3 years and I can honestly say as long as servicing reflects useage these trucks are bomb proof! Had one diff (warranty repair) and one water pump. No other major repairs at all in three years. Running the kubota engine with a tyre saver device protecting drivetrain.
My site recently changed to the B20x-5. Still an unknown quantity to my but I've known of plenty of motor faults requiring a remove/replace.
Premium brands fill their machines with superfluous additions that neither aid the driver and inflates repair costs. I work on all the large brands and can vouch for that myself. Doosan diesel is a safe bet for a simple,quality machine

Edit: we in the UK get genuine parts next day for Doosan.
  • Posted 2 Oct 2015 07:04
  • Modified 2 Oct 2015 07:07 by poster
  • Reply by Festa
  • Devon, United Kingdom
Drive 'em in, tow 'em out!
Lately, i've seen a few newer Doosan's. They still use a weak system of mounting the mast to frame, that failed on older models. Instead of a trunion bearing cap like most other brands, they have a half moon design where the mast pivot shaft is just sitting in a groove, with 2 bolts going through it. This design led to many trucks being scrapped after a collision with mast to racking. That is the only I see on late model Doosan's that could be an issue.
I'm sure there are big improvements from 2006.
It should be less difficult for you to get parts if youre in Korea now!
  • Posted 23 Sep 2015 22:00
  • Modified 30 Sep 2015 21:29 by poster
  • Reply by EasiTek
  • Ontario, Canada


There is always a trade off.
  • Posted 18 Sep 2015 00:13
  • Reply by triumphrider
  • Texas, United States
it is very good fork lift and we are agents also
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  • Posted 17 Sep 2015 23:17
  • Reply by suresh_g
  • qatar, Qatar
sales,service,rental of forklifts and all earth moving/automobile requirements in doha
I do not agree with you Steve. Most of my upper level managers rest on one thing and one thing only, cost.
Our company would buy the machine with the cheapest price tag if I was not here. Upper level managers (VP's, CEO's) do not think about maintenance. They look at the check or lease payment they have to write out. A freind of mind purchased 12 Jungheinrich turret machines, two broke down...the factory doesn't have the parts. It's been two months to get parts for machines that are less than a year old! Take two months times $150,000-$200,000 per day.
The thing is, a maintenance budget is a black hole for compaines. There are so many places to hide MRO cost, while capital expenditure is a whole different ballgame.
Forklift buying is going economy, if you're not cheap in the US, you're going to have a tough time selling. I believe in relationships and if you're going to crack a big account with a high priced product, it's going to take awhile.
Komatsu and Doosan are prime examples, I'm not saying they're a bad product, but I view them more as economy brands. In my area, they sell on price and price alone.
Let me ask everyone this:
"If a Toyota or Hyster machine was the same price as a Komatsu or Doosan" which would you buy??
Keep in mind..lower prices usually directly effects product support!
  • Posted 15 Jun 2007 14:38
  • Reply by tom_j
  • Oregon, United States
My goodness. Where do some people think market share numbers come from? Market Share is based on what "CUSTOMERS" are buying !! If you don't like what they are buying then take it up with them. Quit blaming the companies they are buying from.

I believe the average forklift buyer has their own companies best interests in mind when they select a vendor. I believe the average buyer is intelligent and well informed by the time they make a decision on whose forklift to buy. Some folks clearly think the average forklift buyer is none of those things listed above. And that poor attitude towards their customer base is reflected in THEIR companies Market Share results.

Gi'day Mate
  • Posted 8 Jun 2007 12:25
  • Reply by steve_l
  • Tennessee, United States
If you are in Korea, shouldn't you begin by looking at Clark forklifts?
  • Posted 7 Jun 2007 20:49
  • Reply by hanck_c
  • Capital Federal, Argentina
Hey Slug: I think you are describing a Yale or Hyster with your last comment? What's up with that Tom?
  • Posted 1 Jun 2007 23:10
  • Reply by ETS1
  • New Jersey, United States
New AC PRO5 serie of electric lift trucks from DOOSAN are equipped with last AC technology from GRUPPOSME italy: low power consuption and great thermal efficiency ( inverters overheating is a nightmare of the past )
In Europe we are listening great things about this new serie.
Really, why pay extra for the name?
  • Posted 14 May 2007 02:25
  • Reply by alep
  • Vicenza, Italy
Hmm, "We might not have 18.67 per cent of the market share..." Funny that Tom, sounds like you might have a vested interest there!

The Doosan trucks are a great bit of kit. They have GM or Cummins engines, a good warranty, a good back up network (probably even more so in Korea!), great features like oil cooled disk brakes and safety features, plus they're being used by some major companies - why pay extra for the name?
  • Posted 10 May 2007 18:41
  • Reply by Slug
  • West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
The old Daewoo trucks are a good work horse,mitsubishi or GM engines used depending on model.Long lasting oil cool disc brakes. if kept up to scratch on servicing not a bad brand.The new Doosan range is just being released,have a look and see what you think.Have a look at toyota,nissan as well not bad ice trucks. And with toyota just buying out BT rolatruc,cant go wrong with them.
  • Posted 3 May 2007 16:12
  • Reply by alan_m
  • United Kingdom
Yep there Junk! And will effect your bottom line and cost you big bucks to keep running! Spend your money right the first time. Hyster/Yale Is the cream of the crop.....We might not have 18.67 per cent of the market share,but we can reduce you cost of operation many times over the few extra bucks it cost to go first class....Whats in you wallet?
  • Posted 28 Apr 2007 13:36
  • Reply by Tom_H
  • Michigan, United States
If you reside in Korea surely you must know of Doosan/Daewoo?
  • Posted 20 Apr 2007 16:04
  • Reply by alan_m
  • United Kingdom

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