What does it mean: off-forklift type?

Dear all,
I am a translator and right now am translating a manual for a Nissan forklift.

In the chapter about batteries there is the following paragraph:

Charge the battery according to the manual supplied with the charger being used."

I have already asked my colleagues, native English speakers, and they do not know either what "off- forklift type" means. So I hope maybe experts in the field would be able to help me. :)
  • Posted 24 Oct 2005 17:17
  • Discussion started by tinageta
  • xxx, Latvia
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Thanks a lot for all the replies that were most helpful to find an accurate and appropriate translation. :)
I am very grateful, indeed!
  • Posted 28 Oct 2005 09:00
  • Reply by tinageta
  • xxx, Latvia
Tinageta......In Japan many of the forklifts have "on board" chargers, that is the charger is attached to the truck itself. Being employed with a Japanese manufacturer for many years I visited Japan several times and was amazed at the difference in the charging systems.

I am sure they are refering to a stand alone charger as we use here in the US
  • Posted 28 Oct 2005 07:26
  • Reply by charlie_j
  • California, United States
I would agree with Sam C's response. They are talking about removing the battery from the truck for charging (versus charging the battery on the truck).
  • Posted 28 Oct 2005 00:55
  • Reply by InventoryOps
  • Wisconsin, United States
One more possibility would be "How to charge a battery" with the battery pulled out of the forklift. I know you can charge batteries while still in the forklift, but the larger warehouses simply swap charged batteries for discharged ones in order to keep a truck running through all 3 shifts. Thus, the battery would be "off forklift"
  • Posted 27 Oct 2005 23:06
  • Reply by sam_c
  • United States
Richard could very well be correct. However, my understanding is a bit different. I believe "Off Forklift Type" may be a simple error in wording or translation. I suspect it meant to say, "How to charge a battery of forklift type". Meaning.... How to charge a forklift battery.
  • Posted 27 Oct 2005 22:36
  • Reply by tom_w
  • Virginia, United States
I would imagine that it means a remote, stand alone battery charger. Some trucks have a "built in" charger that is attached to the forklift truck- I would think that they would refer to that as an "on forklift" type charger.
  • Posted 24 Oct 2005 23:02
  • Reply by duodeluxe
  • United States

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