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Clark Wp45 + Yale MPB040 battery issues
Have a 5 year old WP45 that needs batteries (24V). This is the PalletPro Champion gel cell setup. Also have a Yale MPB040 that is 15 months old with a bad main drive motor. Batteries are wet style (24V).

The WP45 batteries are $350 each x4. OUCH.
As a side note I did find a universal battery UB62000 for 1/2 the $. Scares me.

The Yale battery pack assembly will fit into the Clark pocket. I figure the swap should work just fine.

The Yale customer says they have never had to add water to the batteries the entire time. As in, the batteries did not need it.

I've never heard of that.

I don't want to do the swap if the Yale pack has some kind of "issue" and will cause the drive motor to go bad in the Clark.

Any thoughts?????????????

I'm old. Most stuff I was trained on is in the museum or on the History Channel.
  • Posted 9 Sep 2014 11:06 AM
  • • Modified 9 Sep 2014 11:09 AM by poster
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  • Mong
  • New Zealand, New Zealand
Gel batteries are sealed and do not need to be topped up.
  • Posted 10 Sep 2014 03:35 PM
  • swoop223
  • North Carolina, United States
generally you can find an alternative sealed battery to go in those battery packs as you have already found, champion battery prices are totally rediculous, going with the alternative should work fine as long as the battery you are installing is the same rating as the one you are removing.

as for the yale , if they are lead acid (wet) batteries they do need to be checked.

changing battery packs from one unit to the other should not have any bearing on the motor issue unless you have bad batteries , that can cause low voltage, high amp draws in the motor and will burn one up.

check the motor in the yale real good and make sure the armature is not burned , most likely it is and the whole motor will have to be replaced, repairing the armature (if possible) generally does not last.
Also load test all the batteries in the yale battery pack and make sure you do not have any bad ones, replace any that are.

You've been swooped!
  • Posted 10 Sep 2014 09:08 PM
Thanks Swoop223

Called around locally (Atlanta) for the WP45 battery and was told:
A) Scrap it since SLA are a waste of money in that type of machine.
B) Go to Wally World and get 2 marine batteries and a charger.
C) Install 4 wet batteries but he was not sure if the on-board charger will care.

Best I can find is the UB62000 for $210.00 online shipped.

The WP45 only has 500hrs on it.

I can buy the Yale for $500 as is.

That is why I was thinking about putting the battery pack into the WP45 since that is cheaper than new batteries.

To clarify, the warehouse staff tells me the Yale never needed any water to be added to the batteries in over a year when they would check it.

I have equipment repair skills but no experience on this type nor any battery testing tools. I've lived without a walkie jack for 15 years but figured the pricing was OK for a non-daily use machine.

I was there the day the Yale tech had his laptop plugged into it what seemed like hours. After that, the machine was condemned. That warehouse bought an exact replacement the next week. Go figure....

I'm old. Most stuff I was trained on is in the museum or on the History Channel.
  • Posted 10 Sep 2014 11:18 PM
  • • Modified 10 Sep 2014 11:23 PM by poster
  • swoop223
  • North Carolina, United States
if your going to try and put lead acid batteries in that champion pallet pro pack you need to first see how the batteries are mounted. Some are mounted sideways (on their side) to save space. If this is the case you will not be able to use lead acid batteries.
secondly the charger may not be capable of charging lead acid batteries, you'll need to get the manual on that charger and see if it is, Some of those chargers can be dual mode and can be changed internally via a switch or jumper, some are not. The last pallet pro pack i dealt with did not have that capability.

From my experience dealing with these batteries they should meet the manufacturers specifications, using wally world marine batteries may allow you to get the battery pack back working but they are not classified as industrial standard and generally do not perform up to expectations over the long term. I would be hesitant putting those in there.

I know cost always plays a big part when dealing with batteries but in my experience trying to save a buck just doesn't pay off in these situations.

You've been swooped!
  • Posted 11 Sep 2014 01:08 AM
Well, I missed out on the Yale option.
Now time to sheet or git off the pot.

Did see some on-line sellers of the battery charger (svr24251205/6) and some did mention it was switchable but had no details. That could be referring to the replacement "Quick Charge brand. Looks like the charger is more popular in Raymonds based on my Google skills.

Yes, those gells do stand on their end.

A quick search produced no repair/service manual for that charger.

Even if I was bold and used the marine battery setup, any charger I would buy would be 6 or 12 volt. I'd have to fiddle with the wiring to get it to "see" 12 volts.

Burn $840 on 4 batteries or burn labor trying to get the lower $$$ marines to work. Not sure how to compare CCA vs Ah.

Thanks again.

I'm old. Most stuff I was trained on is in the museum or on the History Channel.
  • Posted 11 Sep 2014 10:33 AM
So, I looked at 29DC marine batteries. $100 each. I can fit only 2 of them.
[url removed]

But having a brain freeze on how to wire them for both 24V AND 12V since I need the 12V for charging purpose. The battery pack assy has to be lifted out to get to them.

Unless someone can come up with a drawing......
The other down side is there will not be enough amps to safely run the jack. Not sure about the Ah of the Everstart but looks like about 120Ah. The application is barely an hour a day usage. If I can get the wiring worked out that is the route I will likely go and take a chance the Ah will be OK.

$200 dollars is much better than $840.

Here is the spec sheet for the UB62000:
[url removed]

The on-board charger is:
Cust Model: SVR2425125/6
Model: SVR24251205/6
Not sure what the zero difference is.

Yes, I'm over analyzing this. Just see what I can do if I had a pot of coffee right now.

I'm old. Most stuff I was trained on is in the museum or on the History Channel.
  • Posted 14 Sep 2014 05:42 AM
  • kevin_t
  • Pennsylvania, United States
Check at NAPA for EXIDE GC-3 batteries and see what they cost,these are what manual calls for and might be cheaper than what your looking at,or at least more AH in [url removed] 4 of them....

Exide type GC-3 6 volt 75-91 AMPS Trojan type T-90 or T-1900 6 volts 75-91 AMPS
  • Posted 14 Sep 2014 07:59 AM
Here is a pic of the battery pack assy. Highlight the link and do a "go to".

[url removed]

From the pic there is only 6" from the center tab to the back. The shelf is only 7". And there is 10-1/16" apox from the left or right to the center tab. I know a grinder can make an adjustment.

I was not able to locate any of the items listed. I found Trojan but those #s are not recognized. Same thing for NAPA.

But, Kevin, I do thank you.
I don't have a manual for the battery charger so don't know if switching to wet is doable.

I'm old. Most stuff I was trained on is in the museum or on the History Channel.
  • Posted 14 Sep 2014 09:22 AM
  • swoop223
  • North Carolina, United States
The Battery in this battery pack shown is a 195ah battery
if you go any less than that your lift runtime will be shortened considerably.
This GNB battery is made by exide for champion battery packs
you can find alternative sealed AGM batteries like these for less
money if you look around. On average they will run about $200ea give or take a few bucks.

You've been swooped!
  • Posted 14 Sep 2014 02:17 PM
Total replies: 9. Showing items 1 - 9 of 9 results.

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