Hyster S50XL:
Runs good, then dies.

Serial number A187V06100H

This old lift was running with no concern, under light use. Not an everyday need, not an all day need.

I am a truck fleet tech, so this is a little outside my area.

It failed to start when I was called onto the repair for it. after checking the basics, it was a confirmed fuel delivery issue. Has a new tank, replaced the VFF30, and Model J. Got a rebuild kit for the CA50.

What caused the no start (i'm sure you already know by now) was the clog in the Model J. When rebuilding the CA50 there was a mess in there too.

The new Model J does not have the "balance" vacuum port that the old one did. I capped off the mixer port where it was connected. Also the Model J states.08 W.C. and the old part was.2 (makes me think it is not delivering enough fuel)

After the service, it started no problem, however it will just die. I turned in the throttle stop screw about 1/4 turn and it seemd to help, but then it stated to run like it was under load. and dies when throttle is applied. The "idle mixture" screw (large with a spring) does not seem to make a difference in its adjustment.

In its current state it hardly idles, and will die with throttle input. At one point when my sweater happened to cover the air filters inlet, it ran great, and did not die, or bog down. Now not so much. With my sweater (I'm talking just the bottom corner of a zip up hoodie) over the air inlet, it will stay running, and throttle input will not make it die, but not running well. I was able to get it to idle a little better, with the "mix screw" 2 turns out. and if I cover the air inlet it will take throttle input, If I double layer my sweater it will rev up just fine..... Sounds like i have too much air through the mixer or not enough fuel to the mixer.

I'am not sure what the issue is for sure. How does this sound to you? What am I missing, How do I make the adjustments I need to, or is something bigger/smaller going on?

Thanks for reading. I can get video and pictures if needed.
  • Posted 5 Dec 2017 10:19
  • Modified 5 Dec 2017 10:30 by poster
  • Discussion started by FleetTech1
  • California, United States
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Thanks for the replies!

The boss "restricted" the air entering the filter housing. And its running good... for now.

I used impco parts from a local propane company ordered.
Next time it needs attention, I will get a pressure reading.

I will document the correct parts, thank you partsguy5, for its next failure.
  • Posted 9 Jan 2018 16:58
  • Modified 9 Jan 2018 17:03 by poster
  • Reply by FleetTech1
  • California, United States
Do your self a favor replace the J with the correct one Impco CB-R-772 Cobra as well as the CA50 carb, those were junk out of the box, with the Impco CA55-576. Both of these are what would have come from the factory.
  • Posted 5 Dec 2017 23:06
  • Reply by Partsguy5
  • California, United States
If you are restricting air going into the mixer then makes me think that it is a low fuel pressure issue...what parts you use,good quality parts or cheap aftermarket?
On the back of the model j vaporizor is a 1/8 pipe plug....put a gauge in the port and see what your pressure is should be around 1-3 psi
When tou rebuilt the mixer was the bore that the one part rides in was the bore all scored? Is one common problem with that style mixer...the bore gets scored from the valve riding in it and then it hangs up
  • Posted 5 Dec 2017 14:56
  • Reply by kevin_t
  • Pennsylvania, United States

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