Crown RC5535-35:
No Travel, No codes

Unit "just stopped" working as the operator was driving. Customer let the unit sit and the battery went dead. I put the unit into tow mode and pulled it back to the shop area. Charged the battery (38.2v). Unit does not drive and no codes being shown. Mast fully operates. Steering works. (Yes the unit is back out of tow mode)

Seems like the line contactor is not getting signal to close.

Foot pedals are working, as I step off each I get the message to step back into the pedal. Gives a test travel message then move the joystick and nothing happens.

Any ideas/help would be appreciated.
  • Posted 28 Sep 2019 05:31
  • Discussion started by AgentK
  • Maryland, United States
Customer Service First, fixing comes later
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Must be Crown day! Just found my unit also had a bad access 3. Can Bus on the Access 3 was at 5k ohms. Checked it 3 times. No wonder there were no codes. Only $3600 USD for a new Access 3. Feels like a bargain!

Good luck out there!
  • Posted 4 Oct 2019 06:56
  • Reply by AgentK
  • Maryland, United States
Customer Service First, fixing comes later
Yeah fuse tested good. I found what the issue was.


If line contactor doesn't close and gives no codes when pulling or pushing control handle, your access3 is toasted. 7K CAD$ to replace with Rebuilt one..... lo0l. I think the Customer is gonna scrap the truck.

I Don't like these RC'S, they're not as tough as the Raymond equivalent.The drive unit make noise wich Crowns state's as normal noise, and the ride is so rough compared to Raymond or Hyster/Yale without talking about that **** multidirection contol handle.
  • Posted 4 Oct 2019 05:11
  • Reply by XML_Crown
  • Quebec, Canada
Merci Bonsoir !
Have you checked the 400 amp fuse. It's 3 layers and can look good but still not work. Just a thought
  • Posted 4 Oct 2019 04:43
  • Reply by JMC1
  • Iowa, United States
I'm having the EXACT same problem today. Bad battery was in truck, swapped with known good one, line contactor doesnt close, floorboard switches are good. Please help
  • Posted 1 Oct 2019 03:48
  • Reply by XML_Crown
  • Quebec, Canada
Merci Bonsoir !

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