Caterpillar EP16KT:
Getting a code 20

If the unit is accelerated fast I get a code 20. Reset the system and is good to go. If acceleration is slow system seems to work good. Also notice a drage when costing as if brakes are on. If I slip it into neutral wile costing you do not feel the drag.
  • Posted 12 Mar 2007 14:44
  • Discussion started by Ropro
  • South Dakota, United States
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Code 20 Is the left side drive armature circuit. Check and make sure the armature terminals on left motor are ok and not loose or burnt causing intermittent open. I have seen brushes hung up in their holders cause this problem. Any OPEN in the armature circuit will cause this code. IBGT is at the negative end of the circuit, sense wire sees zero voltage.
  • Posted 12 Oct 2007 03:54
  • Reply by carl_v
  • Pennsylvania, United States
Error code 20 are a problem of inductor motor traction LEFT.
Verify Contactor Line and Regenator.
First check this, after check D1L and D2, Capacitors isolements, T1L, CS2.
  • Posted 6 Oct 2007 06:59
  • Reply by maluccio_g
  • France, France

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