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In our plant we have approximately 20 forklifts running between the warehouse and the assembly lines. Aside from building columns, we have 10 floor mounted cranes throughout the plant. All too frequently we have incidents in which a forklift strikes either a building column or crane column. We have painted the columns yellow (floor to 6ft) to make them stand out and installed column protectors to reduce any damage. Ideally though, preventing the collisions is my goal. Does anyone have any advice they could share with regards to measures that have been successful in preventing these types of accidents ?

  • Posted 9 Dec 2010 00:52
  • Discussion started by jeff_m
  • Ontario, Canada
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Hi Jeff
We fitted our Active Collision Avoidance System (ACAS) to 3 tonne Doosan Trucks at a brick manufacturing plant that suffered the same problem. If you would like more information please contact Transmon Engineering UK and ask for Steve or Pete we may just have the solution you are looking for. I take it most of the impacts are the drivers reversing into structures or the counterweight swinging into objects when reversing. www[dot]transmon[dot]co[dot]uk
  • Posted 6 Feb 2020 22:38
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  • Reply by Steve C
  • Leicestershire, United Kingdom
The true measure of intelligence is not what you know but what you do with what you know! RSC 1990
You can have 1 column in a warehouse and 1forklift in the same warehouse and some fool will hit it. the forklift hits the column or the column hits the forklift. This goes back to operator attitude about safety. Most unions I have been around have supported safety issues brought up if the operators just do not seem to get it. You can repair iron and steel a lot faster and with a lot less pain than flesh and blood. Most column accidents usually have a medical condition I call crainal rectus, other wise known as head up your axx syndrome.
  • Posted 17 Dec 2019 22:24
  • Reply by triumphrider
  • Texas, United States
I had started working on AGVs at my current company but after hearing about all the horror tales of forklift accidents decided to make safety priority number 1. We recently came out with a neat solution to automatically detect obstacles using camera and laser sensing to slow down and stop the lift automatically.

Video: www[dot]siera[dot]ai/safetyvideos

Would love to get what you folks think of using something like this?
  • Posted 17 Dec 2019 05:56
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  • Reply by Saurav_Agarwal
  • Texas, United States
Good to hear this... Thanks for the information..
  • Posted 25 Apr 2019 22:22
  • Reply by Billiegarcia
  • California, United States
Hello my name is jared. I work at a Walmart DC. 2 weeks ago I was involved in a accident at work. I was driving on a concrete dock on the refrigerated side of the warehouse. A associate was operating a floor scrubbing room on machine. They use them all the time to clean the floors. This associate was spraying g water on the floor next to the machine which is not standard practise. The machine is filled with water and cleaning solutions. Normally they spray directly in there path so the light water left behind is already mostly cleaned and free of the cleaning agent. As the machine *** up water as it goes.
I was attempting to go around the machine as it was cleaning directly I front of the doors to access the dry non refrigerated side of the warehouse. Apm noticing the solid puddle of water/cleaner I engaged the brakes but since this was a uncommon hazard I didn't not have to to stop I slid across the dock at least 20 feet. I was able to maintain direction but I did contact a metal pole next to the door. The impact was so minimal that there was a barley noticable paint transfer and no gouging or denting of eaither the equipment or the pole. The floor had no signs indicating it was wet. It was visually wet but no actual signage where up. I am fighting for my job AMD wondering I'd there is any regulations I can bring to my defence. I was given the determination of reckless driving. I reacted to the best of my abilities when I noticed it was slippery/ soapy water vs a normal wet floor. I have work at this location and operated highlight forklifts for 10 years. I have never encountered a wet floor with cleaner that wasnt immediately being sucked up but rather sprayed to soak.
  • Posted 22 Mar 2019 05:34
  • Reply by jared_c
  • New Mexico, United States
You just cannot hire an idiot cheap enough.
  • Posted 13 Mar 2019 21:05
  • Reply by triumphrider
  • Texas, United States
This post was started in 2010. By now the OP has either:
1.) Solved his issue
2.) Been fired for letting the drivers manage the business vs. the company management/supervisors
  • Posted 11 Mar 2019 21:22
  • Reply by johnr_j
  • Georgia, United States
To minimize damages and Safety issues in tight production areas you should go to Tugger carts to move your material. Even AGV's if you have the money. Lifts should be in Shipping, Reciving and Warehouse.
  • Posted 13 Feb 2019 21:56
  • Reply by monte_j
  • Georgia, United States
You can use Fork view camera to prevent the accidents in the Warehouses and storage houses
  • Posted 13 Feb 2019 21:01
  • Reply by ada_k
  • United Arab Emirates
Ada Khan
Product consultant
visit us at http://www.sharpeagle.tv/
  • Posted 29 Jan 2019 22:00
  • Reply by tanu_j
  • India
online electrical course
I may be too late, but it sounds like you need an alert system. Check out www.zonesafe.net. They use RID technology for accurate measurements and is sure to ensure that you avoid collisions. :)
  • Posted 15 Jan 2019 00:21
  • Reply by alix_g
  • United Kingdom
If your teenager, for no good reason, ran your car into a tree, would you then accept that the driver is responsible for their actions?
To drive a forklift into a column is a complete lack of responsibility. Your drivers are driving machines that weigh tons. These are giant weapons. The drivers need to be accountable for their actions. I would allow one such mishap (with retraining to follow).
A repeat incident would have the driver owning a different type of job. This isn't "bumper cars".
  • Posted 26 Apr 2018 22:53
  • Reply by susan_m
  • Illinois, United States
I think companies have really just got to come down harder on reckless operators.
The problem with idiot proofing everything is they just invent a 'a better idiot'.

These sort of accidents are usually a result of distraction or excessive speed. I'm not saying in any way this is the case in this instance but I've had a few sites where it's the employer who needed to have a long hard look at itself, it's easy to blame the operators when the company has an ethos of 'work harder, faster NOW!' or a company that didn't really care about it employees so the same care is paid in return by staff.
  • Posted 1 Dec 2017 08:39
  • Reply by wiggy
  • kent, United Kingdom
I think the forklifts and the related operations through forklifts are really dependent on the drivers and to be safe and avoid such accidents the only way is to have proper driving classes and loading unloading training. there must be kept criteria on which the whole process or hiring of the drivers shall be based on.
  • Posted 21 Nov 2017 16:04
  • Reply by suman_v
  • delhi, India
My system prevent accidents every day in work places !!
I know that I have the best solution to prevent accidents.
It's Visual with flashing lights and an alarm system every time the Forklifts approaching a blind spot or around the corner.
Please contact me I know I can help you.
  • Posted 5 Nov 2017 12:26
  • Reply by sigal_u
  • New York, United States

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