Hello Crown Experts. I'm looking at moving a customers Crown Infolink system off of his forklift and installing in onto a Toyota.

Can anyone supply wiring info, or installation instructions so that I can see if its even possible?

  • Posted 9 Sep 2021 08:29
  • Discussion started by Sean_H
  • Alberta, Canada
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Sorry, I can't help with that. I would call Crown in Canada. I'm sure their InfoLink division would be able to answer your question. Keep us updated if you are able to do it. I was under the impression that in order for it to work it had to go through Crown IT. I may be wrong.
  • Posted 10 Sep 2021 07:51
  • Reply by 1CrownTech
  • Washington, United States
I only need a few features from it to work.
- Impact detection
- Operator access using a code or RFID
- Maintenance tracking
- The ability to lockout the forklift.
I do not need error codes to reported by the system.

If the Infolink has a built in hour meter and impact sensor(s) along with a 'key on' input and a way to interrupt the key switch, I should be able to make it work of a Toyota, right? I'm still trying to get the model of the infolink from my customer.

Thank you.
  • Posted 10 Sep 2021 04:34
  • Reply by Sean_H
  • Alberta, Canada
Unless Crown factory has a harness for the truck you want to install it on it will not work. The InfoLink communication goes through Crown and has a high cost to configure/monitor. I have never seen InfoLink on anything but Crown trucks. You need to call them to verify what I said. 419-629-2311. They have an InfoLink division.
  • Posted 10 Sep 2021 02:39
  • Reply by 1CrownTech
  • Washington, United States
Thanks for the response. I have pictures, and I'm trying to get a model.
  • Posted 10 Sep 2021 00:13
  • Modified 10 Sep 2021 00:14 by poster
  • Reply by Sean_H
  • Alberta, Canada
need more info
early style infolink or canbus
probably not worth the effort
  • Posted 9 Sep 2021 21:02
  • Reply by crownie
  • Victoria, Australia

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