Showroom: CeMAT Australia 2023

25 July 2023

See all the highlights of CeMAT Australia 2023 and don't miss Forkliftaction's live coverage of the trends and products that shaped this year's edition. 

Read our SPECIAL 2023 POST-SHOW REPORT: New tech abounds at CeMAT Australia 

Also visit the Virtual Expo & its SHOWROOMS:
 Stand D23
On DAY 3 Allan had a chat with Michael Kemeny, Managing Director at Knapp Australia.
 Stand F37
Over at the RCT stand, Nicholas Noorman, Rhys Gracie and Cid de Carvalho were ready to chat about smart technology solutions to improve safety or manage your fleet.
Forkpro Australia
Stand F44
We love to see a bit of orange at a trade show ;)
ForkPro Australia CEO Todd Brennan is getting ready for business on DAY ONE. 
HELI Forklift
Stand G9
The HELI team with thumbs up after a successful event.
Hubtex Australia
Stand G45
The Hubtex Australia team, ready to show off Bendi and Hubtex machines on DAY TWO.
Stand C31
ROYPOW showcased their cutting-edge lithium-ion battery technology at CeMAT. 
Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds
Stand B35
Naomi Frauenfelder, Melissa Weller and the Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds team were on-site sharing their mental health and wellbeing resources with the warehousing and logistics industry.
Ningbo Ruyi
Stand E1
Alice Wei from Ningbo Ruyi introduces Xilin equipment to the Australian market on DAY 3 at CeMAT.
Tompkins Robotics
Stand D31
Thomson Brockmann from Tompkins Robotics came out from Florida to show off their new AMR with local representative Sean Hewat.
Stand A20
Philipp Schitter from Autostore was on hand to explain the benfits of their cube storage automation when processing fulfillment requirements at high speed.
Stand C31
Over at the ROYPOW stand things are going well for William, Selina, Jesse and their friends from HYUNDAI.
Hyundai High Performance Forklifts
Stand C31
Hyundai's Nathan Owens looking relaxed and confident in a hydrogen powered forklift. 
Richmond Rolling Solutions
Stand L22
Say hello to Richmond Rolling Solutions CEO Breton Winslow-Moore. Visitors got to see the new line of ForwardX autonomous mobile robots from China in action at the Richmond exhibit.
Körber Supply Chain
Stand E29
Over at the Körber stand, director of supply chain operations Darren O’Conner was taking visitors through their end-to-end supply chain portfolio.
Libiao Robotics
Stand B30
On DAY 3, Allan got to see Libiao Robotics super cute robots in action. Here he is with the company's overseas sales director Roman Shen.
Hangcha Forklift Australia
Stand L15
A lovely shot from the Hangcha Forklift Australia team. If the thumbs up are anything to go by, it looks like the exhibition is going well.
Hai Robotics
Stand F16
On DAY 3 Allan caught up with Paul Phillips, GM ANZ of Hai Robotics, with the warehouse demonstration soon to be installed in his Sydney facility.
Redlift Equipment
Stand K14
Tom Saint is in the driver's seat at the Redlift stand. DAY ONE at CeMAT Australia.
Stand F35
Joshua Couturier and Jian Han Law were on hand to explain how manual fleets can be updated to autonomous robots. Visitors learned about the 3D Lidar navigation in Balyo robots.
 Stand B12
Swisslog’s Sean Ledbury was ready to talk automations solutions. The team offered CeMAT visitors live demo sessions for their CarryPick order picking system.
It's DAY 3 and HikRobot’s Calvin Kwok is here to show off his company’s integrated solutions. 
Knapp Australia
Stand D23
What a team.... Knapp Australia gets ready to talk all things automation and digitalisation on DAY ONE at CeMAT Australia.
Combilift Australia
Stand E39
DAY TWO and it appears Combilift Australia's Chris Littlewood and Paul Horsnell are in good spirits. They presented their pedestrian warehouse, multi-directional long load and Aisle-Master narrow aisle forklifts.
MIMA Forklifts
Stand F29
Roger Qiu from MIMA is showcasing his company’s articulated forlift truck.
Stand E21
Dematic's Tony Raggio and Phil Makowski are ready to have a chat about automation and your operations on DAY ONE at CeMAT Australia.
Supply Chain Partners 
Stand M5
First photo of DAY ONE. Allan bumps into Dr Sharyn Grant at the Supply Chain Partners stand before the opening of the doors at The Dome, Sydney.
Australian Forklift Championships
CeMAT Australia, The Dome
And they’re off. The Australian Forklift Championships are under way at CeMAT in Sydney.
Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds
Stand B35
Healthy Heads was delighted to welcome service dog Quentin at CeMAT AUSTRALIA... 'Quentin lifted everyone’s mood and improved their well-being, providing a dose of cuteness and the offer of pats.' 
Supply Chain Partners
Stand M5
Where the industry meets...Gregory Quy from World Class Finance, Naaman Shibi from Pervidi Paperless Solutions and Sharyn Grant from Supply Chain Partners catching up at CeMAT Australia.
Riggerte Forklift Attachments
Stand H3
Shanghu XIAO and Shawn HUO from Riggerte Attachments ready to talk about their product range.
HELI Forklift
Stand G9
Overseas marketing executive Suzy Cui was on hand to take visitors through the HELI range.
 Industrial Batteries Australia
 Stand E11
Great pic from Industrial Batteries Australia (Roland Roberts, Alan Coleman, David Cooper, Sarah Cooper, Ainsley Goodall, Rowena Bennett) who gave visitors a chance to win a V8 Supercar hotlap experience!
CeMAT Australia
The Dome
'Under the dome' at CeMAT Australia. All the exhibits are set up, looks like it's shaping up for a busy opening day.
Australian Forklift Championships
CeMAT Australia
On DAY 2 things are heating up in the Australian Forklift Championships. 
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