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Panacea Aftermarket Introduces New Line of Hybrid Safety Products

Thursday, 4 March 2021 ( #1015 )
Panacea Aftermarket Co. continues to shatter the industry norms by introducing a range of affordable innovative hybrid forklift safety related products, that are truly multi-functional. "We get it, 2020 has been brutal! Now, more than ever, we all need to get the absolute best value for every dollar we spend, while improving workplace safety and increasing performance," said Don Martindale, CEO of Panacea Aftermarket Co. Panacea Aftermarket Co. has a long history of offering multi-use products, such as their 4in1 forklift safety light the RZR which was recently unveiled on "Advancements in forklift and pedestrian safety has been exceptionally slow," Martindale, a 40 year industry veteran said, "The incredible recent developments made in LED lighting, camera and audible warning technology has paved the way for companies such as ours to be remarkably creative, while at the same time, being able to significantly reduce costs." These additions include:
Taking a quick look at these alarms, you may not notice the switch mounted on the side. That switch is what sets them apart. By simply flipping it, you can choose what sound is emitted, from among three choices: standard beep-beep, European style emergency vehicle or white noise which is nondirectional and less irritating but more of an attention getter. One model also has an integrated strobe light as well as the three-sound option. Prices range between $14 to $19, with a two-year warranty.
One light really does it all. You choose the color or combination of colors to use: blue, orange or white. Then select one of three flash patterns. Easily programmable via the integrated selector switch, offering 20 unique combinations. 15 hyper-bright LEDs ensure your equipment gets noticed. Aside from the amazing price incentive of this $34 light, another added benefit is stocking less. No need to keep on your shelf different colors or flash patterns.
BEAST wireless camera systems incorporates all its amazing functionality entirely in its 9" HQ monitor, no separate control boxes or cables to run. The only thing more impressive than the performance of our BEAST wireless forklift camera system is the 30-minute, simple installation. No drilling required, including for the fork mounted wireless camera with rechargeable battery pack that lasts a full shift. The built in DVR automatically and continuously records. Improve operator performance, reduce accidents and should something go wrong, it's auto-recorded, all starting at $475.
We have reimagined the standard blue forklift light, which really was due for a refresh! Most companies would be pleased by somehow increasing the performance on this industry standard. Well, we've done that and more. Not only is the emitted light bigger and brighter, so much so, that the rear facing trailing light coverage on the ground is now increased in distance from the standard eight feet to an amazing 20 feet. The same light can also be used as a ceiling tracking light, illuminating a two-foot wide bright spot on ceilings as high as 40 feet, easily noticeable within the pedestrian's peripheral vision. A huge step in added pedestrian security by now being able to identify a forklifts location that may be hidden by racking, shelving or other obstacles. A unique low-cost solution at only $59 and designed to integrate with the single, rear facing blue light which is optimized for when the truck is driving backwards. "These products must be seen to better understand their functionality and how they would improve safety in customer specific environments," continues Martindale. "Being as innovative as we are, we offer three distinct solutions to view them. Watch the product videos on our website at or take advantage of our two other totally unique video presentation options. One being a live, professionally produced interactive virtual conference or lastly, receiving one of our self-contained video presentations!" These video presentations are approximately the same size as the standard product information brochure. Except they contain a powered seven-inch video screen, with a personal introduction and product videos chosen specifically for your company. Which is then yours to keep and pass onto fellow team members on your schedule. Please contact Don Martindale by email or call 905-856-1229 for further information.
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The ProMat Digital Experience (ProMatDX) will be held April 12-16. Register for free today!
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