Introducing the G generation: a new era in Kalmar counterbalance equipment

Thursday, 26 May 2011 ( #515 )
At CeMAT 2011, Cargotec unveils its new DCG90-180 range of Kalmar lift trucks - ushering in the new 'G' generation of counterbalance equipment.

This new range of forklift trucks - with capacities ranging from 9-18 tonnes - is the first of Kalmar's G generation material handling equipment. They promise to deliver improvements in fuel efficiency, safety, serviceability and ergonomics while reducing environmental impact.

Thomas Malmborg, Vice President, Forklift Trucks, says: "We are continuously working to improve the efficiency and economy of our customers' operations. The new Kalmar G generation counterbalance equipment is the next step in this process, with benefits for all - from drivers to service engineers and senior management. We have enhanced the cost-efficiency, quality and productivity of our counterbalance machines, resulting in better performance and greater total lifetime savings.

One of the most notable changes between the previous generation and the G generation is the most visible one. The driver's cabin has been redesigned to meet the drivers' ergonomics needs.

The new cabin design is completely different from the previous one, which was about ten years old. There are huge improvements to ergonomics and the visibility is better," Malmborg says of the new EGO cabin.

"The ergonomics has been in focus; we really wanted to make it an enjoyable experience for the drivers. Everybody wants to have a comfortable work place, and we wanted to make sure that the people driving our forklifts can sit relaxed, and feel good, when they're at work. Actually, they should feel rested after their shift," Malmborg says.

At the same time, Malmborg is careful to note that the new system will not decrease the importance of drivers' skills.

"The driver is still in control, and the same common electrical control system will be used in all G generation vehicles so the driver can easily switch from one to another without having to re-learn the system," he says.

Other new features include a new hydraulics system, which is a load ensing system. The cooling fan is also hydraulically driven and temperature controlled. As an option, the fan rotation can be switched to blow out dust from the radiator.

Fuel efficiency has also been improved, the engine's noise levels have been reduced, and the emissions lowered. "Everybody finds something to like in G generation. The drivers will enjoy the new cabin and the control system, the service people will like the accessibility, and management will certainly be happy with the fuel efficiency and more productive employees," says Malmborg.

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