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Swedish inventor develops versatile forklift

Thursday, 19 November 2009 ( #437 ) - Frösön, Sweden
The Maxtruck 2T's patented wheels allow it to move in any direction.
The Maxtruck 2T's patented wheels allow it to move in any direction.
A Swedish company is introducing an omni-directional telescopic forklift that it claims can do the work of up to five different forklift models.

Max Truck AB introduced a prototype of its first product, the patented Maxtruck 2T, at the Technical Show in Sweden last month.

"Due to the way Maxtruck 2T can move on the floor, it can do the job quicker than a conventional forklift," says company owner and founder Conny Lindström.

According to Lindström, Swedish inventor Max Segerljung developed the forklift that incorporates the patented Max wheel, on behalf of Max Truck AB. The wheels of the Maxtruck 2T are fixed on a vertical drive shaft and can rotate 360 degrees, making it suitable for confined spaces.

Its ability to travel in any direction also enables it to do the work of a sideloader, transporting long goods through narrow entryways or on a narrow path. It can handle cargo in two pallet rack-depth, effectively minimising storage space and increasing warehouse efficiency. The forklift's steering and manoeuvring abilities are patented.

The forklift's telescopic boom gives the driver an unobstructed view of the carriage and allows unloading of a lorry from one side, without using extending forks.

Lindström tells News that the Maxtruck 2T is "completely different" from the Airtrax Sidewinder ATX-3000 omni-directional forklift ( News #172).

He explains that the Maxtruck 2T has "perfectly round" wheels, and can operate even if friction is not equal on all four wheels.

"The Airtrax construction, originally a Swedish invention, can't operate unless friction is same on all wheels. Our system is also much faster and gives no vibration during transport," Lindström says.

Lindström adds that driver comfort and safety have also been taken into account. "Driver comfort with step-in height, visibility and driver safety has been an important part of the forklift design. Our patented safety system helps the driver not to exceed the safety limits."

Max Truck AB is a new company located in Frösön, north of Sweden, close to the Östersund city. It currently employs three people.

Production is expected to start next year and the company expects to introduce the forklift to the market by the end of 2010.

"[The] Maxtruck 2T is aimed for the world market and is perfect for companies that realise floor area is expensive so if they can save 30-80% of area for handling goods, it is money saved," Lindström says.

The company aims to sell 150 forklifts in Sweden in three years and then venture into the export market.

Max Truck AB holds patents in Sweden, Europe and the US.
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