Hoist Liftruck - Neptune Series Marina Liftruck

Thursday, 2 March 2006 ( #249 )
Hoist Liftruck is poised to provide the same quality and reliable liftruck to the marina industry as it has for the past 100 years to other heavy-duty industries. The Neptune Series Marina Liftruck meets the demands of marina owners/operators to dry-stack boats with its tight maneuverability, easy operation and corrosion protection. This pneumatic series, modeled after Hoist's proven line of liftrucks, has a capacity range of 15,000 to 25,000 pounds with a 96-inch load center. Powered by a 5.9-liter Cummins turbocharged diesel engine, it features a Dana 32.000 Series automatic transmission, two-and four-stage, high-visibility mast options and inboard wet-disc brakes.
Operator comfort: In addition to its sleek appearance and high visibility color scheme, operators of the Neptune Series will enjoy the soft touch controls on the armrest that allow for smooth and comfortable operation, load-sensing hydraulic system, maximum visibility at negative (12 feet) and positive (30-40 feet) lift positions, suspension seat and retractable seat belts, tilt steering and non-skid steps and floor mat. Maximum protection: Extensive protection guards the Neptune Series from corrosion in the marina environment. The exposed metal of the liftruck has a zinc coating, which has natural healing properties to prevent chipping and rust. A three-step epoxy paint process, and full-frame and lower mast undercoating complete the chassis protection. Corrosion-resistant materials-stainless steel rods, fittings, fasteners and bolts, as well as galvanized hood, hinges forks and carriage-give the Neptune solid protection from water, salt and other marine elements.
Unmatched delivery and service: The Neptune Series offers the same benefits customers expect from Hoist liftrucks. Hoist is the only liftruck manufacturer that can deliver in eight weeks or less! Most parts are manufactured in-house and kept in-stock to cut production time and offer customers same-day shipping on replacement parts. In addition to a 2-year warranty, Hoist has a worldwide dealer network to provide unmatched service and parts support around the clock. Known for its quality and reliability, Hoist is constantly looking to improve upon technology and operator comfort through advanced engineering. Meeting needs: Hoist understands that not every setting is the same and may require customized specifications. As with all Hoist liftrucks, the Neptune Series can be designed to accommodate a variety of spaces, weights and applications. Hoist can go out and evaluate a customer's needs to customize exact specifications and guarantee its performance. The Neptune Series debut: Hoist Liftruck will be available to discuss the Neptune Series, as well as its other liftrucks, at the Miami International Boat Show on February 16-20, Booth 4415. The Neptune will be on display at the Miami Outboard Club at 1099 MacArthur Causeway, just minutes from the Miami Beach Convention Center. For more information on the Hoist Neptune Series or other liftrucks: Visit our website: OR View our ShopFront: Hoist ShopFront OR Send an Email enquiry to Hoist:
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