New Transmission Catalog

Tuesday, 30 August 2005 ( #224 )
American Industrial Transmission is a high quality, reliable source for remanufactured lift truck transmissions. They also supply remanufactured torque converters, transmission rebuild kits, and various transmission parts. AIT has been serving forklift dealers for almost 30 years, and has built an excellent reputation for customer service and technical support. AIT's attention to detail becomes obvious at time of delivery. Their technicians take pride in a job well done. All transmissions are thoroughly tested. Your customer will be pleased with the AIT product you have provided. Each AIT transmission is given new seal rings, bearings, clutch discs, separator plates, plus a new or remade pump. Replacing the torque converter with a new or remanufactured one is recommended for every transmission serviced. The 2005 Remanufactured Transmission Catalog includes pricing for dozens of transmission styles and their torque converters. The contents of remanufacture kits and gasket kits appear near each type of transmission. This 60+ page catalog is easy to use, and is available at no charge to repair facilities and material handling dealers only. American Industrial Transmission offers a Service Manual that aids in identifying and diagnosing transmission problems. It offers a gauge and adapter kit that can be purchased to allow the technician to take pressure readings on forklift transmissions. AIT offers a reasonably priced hand-held tachometer for performing stall tests to determine engine, converter, and transmission function.