Currie Management Consultants Announces Release of Service Workbook

Monday, 18 July 2005 ( #218 )
Currie Management Consultants has packaged its popular Service Department Management Workshop into a full-length publication.

The Service Workbook walks the reader through the entire process of building a more profitable and more effective service department.

Topics include:
  • Pricing
  • Managing technician productivity
  • Expense control
  • Selling service
  • Managing service maintenance contracts
  • Recruiting
  • Training
  • & Employee retention.
Book Details Building a Strong Service Department
The Service Workbook walks the reader through the entire process of building a more profitable and more effective service department. Topics include pricing, managing technician productivity, expense control, selling service, managing service maintenance contracts, recruiting, training, and employee retention.

In industrial equipment dealerships, the service department should be the most visible and profitable segment of the business. While the salesperson often acts as the face of the company, it is the service department that customers turn to in order to keep their equipment operating efficiently and profitably. A strong service department is critical to building customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. This book details how to lock in all of your existing customers' business while continually pursuing new customers.

CMC also has developed a Service Department Financial Model for industrial equipment dealerships that serves as a benchmark for gross margin, expense structure and department operating profit. As managers use the CMC service marketing tools to grow revenue, the CMC Financial Model explains how to deliver more of this revenue to the bottom line. This book presents these benchmarks and explains how service managers can achieve and maintain this level of performance.

Workbook Provides Valuable Tools for Service Planning
In addition to the thorough discussion of the book's key topics, worksheets are included that will walk the reader through most of the analyses described in the book. These forms are reproducible and help to solidify the reader's understanding of the materials.
The nearly 200-page book is available online for $49.95 plus shipping and handling through CMC

"Currie Management Consultants is especially good at cutting through the built up armor of office and inter-departmental politics and the 'way we've always done things.' They drive our thought processes toward a glimpse of what could be achieved if we didn't allow ourselves to be saddled with all the baggage." Tom Cuthbertson, CFO, Hammer Equipment
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