ORLACO: Number One For Forklift Cameras

Tuesday, 28 June 2005 ( #215 )
ORLACO Camera Systems are designed for arduous industrial applications and are therefore robust and provide long service life, and have been shown to provide up to 30-40% increase in pallet movements. The ORLACO Camera System can be used in many varied applications, such as on commercial vehicles, public transport vehicles, earthmoving and materials handling equipment.

Orlaco cameras are factory fitted, used and, in many cases, specified exclusively by European forklift OEMs and attachment manufacturers.

Nowadays, every inch of available space in warehouses and storage areas is used to optimal efficiency. When the driver's vision is limited, one option is to stop the forklift and physically inspect the area, which costs valuable time.

With an Orlaco camera system, the driver can have full visibility, even when working with extreme heights. The Orlaco system distinguishes itself from others due to its unique EPP function, namely 'Electronic Pallet Positioning'. This EPP function, which works with adjustable marking lines on the monitor, shows the position of the pallet in relation to the storage/racking system in the warehouse.

A forklift driver needs to be very accurate when picking up and transporting pallets. A lot of damage can easily be caused to the load if one of the forks is slightly out of position. With an Orlaco camera system, every frame and beam can be clearly seen on the monitor, ensuring full visibility. The image shown on the monitor is extremely accurate and sharp. The driver is also able to see in poor lighting conditions, thanks to the systems camera's own built-in high intensity LED light.

Forklift drivers need to be able to manoeuvre vehicles in order to work faster and more efficiently. Their backs and necks take a lot of strain due to the fact that they have to continuously look upwards to position loads and also twist their body to enable them to look backwards when reversing. Studies in Holland have proven that Camera Systems significantly contribute to reductions in lost time and sick leave from neck and back injuries, reducing Workers Compensation and other Insurances. Orlaco's intelligent camera system ensures visibility high up on the forklift. The system takes some time to get used to, but once in use, one will be amazed at its efficiency and benefits, namely reducing stress for the driver and preventing back or neck problems.

It's very important that forklift drivers have full visibility of the area behind and around their vehicles. Far too many unnecessary accidents still occur though due to the drivers simply not seeing people or obstacles in their way. Thanks to the Orlaco camera systems, the driver is able to have full visibility of all movement around his forklift. Furthermore, a driver is ensured optimal visibility when driving with a load, when a camera is mounted to the mast.

Due to problems with mast electrical cables for cameras, some end users have sought out alternative camera systems using wireless RF. While Orlaco has the latest in RF Wireless Camera Systems technology, these are not always the best solution for large internal storage applications, due to potential RF signal interference.

Orlaco has the solution, with their specialised Mast Camera Cables. Tests have proven that the Orlaco camera cables for forklifts can operate in ambient temperatures between -40 to +85 degC. Independent tests have proven Orlaco's superior technology with their Cables being tested to more than 1.5 million cycles, where others fail at 50,000 to 80,000 cycles. It is estimated that a 5-year lease life for a forklift will complete about 1 million cycles, so Orlaco has not only exceeded this expectation but is still being tested without crosslinking of wires internally or deterioration externally.

The unique difference between ORLACO and other Camera Systems - other than the fact that they are designed for specific applications as well - is that they are Industrial "strength" and have unique features as:

a) Shock resistance CCC Cameras up to 30g
b) The Lens Glass (note that we have Lexan Lenses for the food industry also), is 7 times harder than normal glass, is scratch-resistance, dust does not adhere, washer system is available in mud conditions, chemically resistant and more?
c) The CCC Cameras are one piece (no seal/split casing), pressurised to 0.4 with Nitrogen and are IP68 water-proof to 25 metres.
d) Special cable adaptations are provided for example on forklifts. Cables are specially designed for long life and temperatures of -45 degree C (cold storage conditions).

Orlaco specialises in solving visibility problems in all sorts of situations, ranging from commercial vehicles to ships, tower-cranes, forklifts etc. Our unique camera systems support companies and their employees in their daily work, helping make tasks easier, safer and more efficient. Orlaco is an ISO9001-2000 certified company and is continuously working towards delivering superior quality products. The use of an Orlaco camera visibility system not only makes working with forklifts easier but also will quickly show the added advantages of an increase in work efficiency and overall safety in a company. This system will quickly show the benefits of your investment.

Invest in an Orlaco system, for you and your employees!
* Increase in efficiency
* Increase in safety
* Decrease in sick leave

Contact Details:
You can find further information on Orlaco vision systems by hitting the website of their Australian distributor, LSM Technologies. See

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