Stoneridge-Orlaco introduces new HLED 7" monitor and dynamic GMSL cables

Thursday, 2 July 2020 ( #981 )
Stoneridge-Orlaco introduces the new HLED 7" High Definition monitor and a new dynamic GMSL cable. With this new product, Stoneridge-Orlaco complement its current GMSL product portfolio for reach trucks, counterbalance forklifts and other forklift applications. Due to its more compact size, the 7" HLED is better suited for Mid-mast view solutions. The new monitor is a complete new design compared to the current 10" HLED. Its full front glass coating and responsive capacitive keypad do not only give the monitor a much more modern look and feel, it also improves the overall environmental protection. The full glass cover makes the new monitor a lot stronger, easier to clean and watertight (IP69K). With an operational temperature of -30°C to +75°C (-22°F to +167°F), the high environmental protection and compact size makes the 7" HLED monitor a perfect fit for the demanding environments in which it will be used. With the 7" monitor, Stoneridge-Orlaco's real time digital GMSL product portfolio consists of heavy duty digital HMOS cameras with apertures varying from 30° to 180°, cables with waterproof molded connectors, a rugged switcher and 7" and 10" monitors.
New dynamic GMSL cable The new Orlaco 4-pins GMSL dynamic cable is particularly suitable for dynamic applications whereby the cable is constantly subject to being bent or rolled up. This makes the cable ideal as a Mid-mast view system for reach trucks, counterbalance forklifts and other forklift applications. The cables have EMC screening and are resistant to oil and petrol, are ADR approved and have waterproof, molded connectors. The dynamic GMSL-cables are available in different lengths. Digital Mid-mast view
With the introduction of the 7" monitor and dynamic cable, Stoneridge-Orlaco now offers a complete digital camera system that is suited as a no latency High Definition Mid-mast view system. This robust and compact digital camera monitor system provides the driver of a forklift or reach truck with a perfect view of the fork. The Mid-mast view system therefore increases safety in your warehouse, saves time when moving goods and creates a more ergonomic environment for drivers. With the GMSL Mid-mast view system, the HMOS camera is mounted on the mast cross-beam of the innermost mast section. The 7" HLED heavy duty monitor that is mounted on the frame of the forklift truckâ??s cab. The system allows the driver to position the truck optimally as it provides a view of the forks after free lift of the machine. Since the camera 'looks' underneath the forks, the driver also has a good view of the beams when putting the pallet down. Why GMSL?
GMSL stands for Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link and is a technology in which the video signal is sent digitally and compression-free over a coaxial cable. A GMSL camera has an image sensor of 1280 x 900 pixels. Thanks to this higher resolution, the image is sharper than with an analog system. With a GMSL system, the digital video signal is sent one-to-one and without latency to the monitor. This makes this digital technology ideal as a Mid-mast view on a forklift truck. Visit for more information about the technologies available from Stoneridge-Orlaco or contact us by email.
About Stoneridge-Orlaco Stoneridge-Orlaco, a part of Stoneridge Inc., is the market leader in the field of camera and monitoring systems. Orlaco develops and produces high quality camera systems for a wide variety of for commercial and industrial vehicles. The company's systems increase safety, improve ergonomics, create greater comfort for drivers and ensure greater efficiency. Camera systems from Stoneridge-Orlaco are extremely robust and shock- and vibration-resistant, which means they will work in even the harshest conditions. Stoneridge-Orlaco supplies the largest and most pioneering OEMs in the world. In addition, Stoneridge-Orlaco sells vision systems in the aftermarket through a worldwide network of dealers.