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5G-enabled AGVs tested in China

Wednesday, 20 May 2020 ( #975 ) - Xiamen, China
The 5G-controlled Dongfeng AGV
The 5G-controlled Dongfeng AGV
Cosco Shipping Ports has completed a 5G-enabled, automated vehicle trial at China's Port of Xiamen. The trial was carried out together with China Mobile and Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle and used an automated driverless truck to deliver containers for loading. The truck also collected unloaded containers from a ship. The AGV used in the test was built by Dongfeng Motor Corporation which is understood to be developing other autonomous vehicles for use on public roads. Test participants say they demonstrated the advantages of 5G technology for remote control of port machinery, autonomous driving, intelligent tallying and intelligent security. The construction of a 5G smart port is an important effort for combining the industrial chain with the innovation chain, accelerating new infrastructure construction and building China's strength in transportation, according to the test partners. In addition, it is helpful for ports to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, quickly resuming operations and ensuring a smooth global supply chain.
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