A new era for - A letter from Ann

Thursday, 2 January 2020 ( #955 )
2019 has been an exciting and challenging year in equal measures for the team at Forkliftaction. A year in which we launched a brand new website and welcomed another 1900+ members into our materials handling community. After times of frantic development and change it feels fitting to take a little opportunity to reflect on where we have come from and where we are going. From its inception in 2000, has aimed to be the place-to-be for anyone who works with forklifts. Forklift owners and operators, fleet managers, operation/logistics/warehouse managers, sales people, engineers and specialists all get informed, share and connect on a global, independent and digital platform. While the publishing sector struggles to remain focused in a world where increasing numbers of online players compete for share of voice, Forkliftaction has resolutely stuck to its core mission, confident that it remains the long-term key to success. Where quality editorial content loses from -often hidden- advertorials, Forkliftaction News still brings the same number of independent news stories, week after week. Our many readers trust Forkliftaction's voice and hold our news in respect. And that makes us very proud. Since launching our industry news service all these years ago, we have extended our platform with forums, a business directory, events calendar, job listings and a photo gallery aspiring to enable our readers with practical resources and more channels to reach out and connect. Our online community of business people has continued to grow, and so has our members' desire to utilise the platform to accelerate their own business success. With this in mind we developed a range of niche advertising options allowing marketeers to showcase their businesses, develop brand awareness and promote new and unique products. The Forkliftaction team works hard for our advertisers to run campaigns that generate real leads for their business. In the same vein we opened a Marketplace for the trade of used forklifts in 2005. It did not take long before it was brimming with listings of different machinery such as aerial work platforms, tow trucks and industrial sweepers. In 2017, we responded by separating the Marketplace from the news and communication platform so that it could develop into a competitive machinery platform providing trading facilities for sellers and buyers of a growing range of new and used machinery. was born. Developing a new website was the perfect opportunity to update web technologies and to embrace the new ways we find and devour the plethora of online news sources. After all, saw its first light in the time of dial-up modems. The speed at which internet connections became more accessible and download times improved is remarkable, and has left online businesses anxiously investing in order to remain up-to-date and competitive. The new realm results in an increasing amount of applications which help shorten and improve business processes. It has changed the way we do things and significantly shifted our focal point. This digital whirlwind has brought about the introduction of smaller devices helping us keep track of both business and off-time activities on-the-go. Smart phones make us more productive, more accessible and more efficient. We're on task all the time. The way we consume news, and what we expect of it, has evolved to fit our high-powered lives. Over the past two years, the independent but small team at Forkliftaction has put together all its resources, labour and drive to develop a new and exciting version of our well-established online platform. The upgrade involves a comprehensive rebuild of 19 years of applications, features, design and code. While keeping true to our core mission of quality news and resources, the new website provides our members and visitors with richer and more relevant content, a responsive design and a more engaging user experience. After launching at the end of 2019, we hope our many readers and website visitors will enjoy exploring our new and improved industry website. The new presents:
  • A crisp and responsive design to make all content stand out and enhance readability for our mobile visitors.
  • Improved menus and navigation structures designed to make the news articles and business resources more accessible.
  • New banner formats and responsive positions that offer the highest level of exposure we have ever made available to our advertisers.
  • An extended run for our best content such as our special feature reports, most read news articles and blogs.
  • Regional News columns together with their own eye-catching advertising options specifically targeting local readers.
  • New technology that better directs geographically defined content and advertising to all targeted subscribers and visitors.
On the new you will find a modern, accessible and extended version of the quality news and resources that the platform is known for. The new Forkliftaction effortlessly integrates into our busy and mobile lives. We are excited to report that there is a whole host of new opportunities for our digital advertisers in 2020 that will grant them better exposure than ever before and the freedom to target their message to chosen regions in new ways. Ask us for more information if you are interested Our website is dynamic; a platform to learn and meet; a work in progress. More content and features are still to come in 2020 as we continue to work hard to make developments that benefit your business, keep checking in, and let us know what you think! We are very proud of our big milestone in 2019. And we are very proud of all of you: without our many readers, members, advertisers and our energetic and productive team, Forkliftaction would not have proved so resilient. Thank you all for choosing as your source on materials handling. We wish you a happy, productive and safe 2020 and we look forward to helping you stay up-to-date on industry developments throughout the coming year. Keep sending us your local and global news, we'd love to hear it! All the best, Ann Hofmans