The Battery Show & Electric Vehicle Technology Expo Announce 2019 Programming

Thursday, 1 August 2019 ( #934 )
SANTA MONICA, Calif., June 27, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today The Battery Show, North America's largest and most comprehensive advanced battery technology event, and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo, the only trade show and conference exclusively dedicated to the drive train and power system in electric and hybrid electric (E/HV) vehicles announced content for its 2019 programming, which is organized into eight custom-tailored tracks including expert-led educational sessions and product showcases representing the full supply chain - from raw materials to recycling and component and design innovation to infrastructure advancement. The Battery Show and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo and will take place September 10-12 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, MI. "The battery industry is developing innovative solutions faster than ever in order to keep up with the speed and scale of adoption of battery technologies for electric and hybrid transportation applications," said John Lewinski, brand director, The Battery Show and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo, Informa Markets. "Solutions overcoming battery challenges such as decreasing size, weight, and cost are at the forefront of this year's event to advance EV adoption by bringing professionals together to share knowledge, network, and ultimately create the next-generation systems for futures to come." With over 70 hours of unparalleled industry education, the conference and expo's 650+ exhibitors reflect the most relevant needs of the battery and automotive industry today. Located 30 miles from Detroit, the heart of U.S. automotive manufacturing, the event's unique location supports the current largest growth segment in automotive and transportation in addition to the growing need for stationary energy storage. More information on the conference and sessions can be found here. 2019 featured sessions include: Tuesday, September 10 Electric Vehicle System-Level Integration Trends & Thermal-Electrical Management Synergies Munro & Associates will provide a detailed presentation on the system-level integration advancements that are impacting the OEM-level development of thermal and electrical systems. Attendees can expect deep insight into multiple battery and EV thermal and electrical systems and the advancements that are accelerating industry trends. EV Growth: A Need for Infrastructure Electric vehicles are gaining momentum in the marketplace, but many experts believe that rapid growth won't happen until more charging infrastructure is put in place. EVs need to be charged more easily and quickly for broad adoption to happen. This distinguished panel of industry experts will discuss the issues of infrastructure - charging speed, availability, grid considerations, cost, and more. Wednesday, September 11 Ultrathin Nanocomposite Coatings for Low Cobalt Cathodes The energy storage market is projected to reach $50 billion in the next five years. Major segments of this market consist of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for consumer electronics, electric vehicles (automobiles, drones, aviation and space applications) and stationary storage for smart grids. For all these applications, high energies and capacities are required to meet the needs of consumer demands and economic viability. This session will present ALD growth of nanocomposite fluorides for Li-ion batteries and some of the latest electrochemical results. State Battery Feasibility: When & How Will We Get There? Lithium metal batteries show great promise for increased range for EVs and longer battery life for cell phones. But the lithium metal foil used for the solid-state anode is susceptible to the formation of spikey dendritic crystals on the metal surface during charging. A panel of solid-state battery experts, led by moderator Dr. Kevin Clemens, Senior Editor at Design News, will explore the technology, manufacturing, and timing that optimists say will be 2-3 years while pessimists say is at least 10 years out. Thursday, September 12 E-Bus Battery Market 2019 The city e-bus battery market is growing fast. Benefits include strong subsidies, limited driving range requirements, and the ability to charge overnight. These market drivers get a lot of attention from EV cell and battery pack makers who want to concentrate on that business. This presentation will cover that market globally, its effect on world li-ion manufacturing capabilities, and on the EV penetration rate. E-bus battery requirements and li-ion chemistries supporting these requirements will be reviewed, along with a discussion of the main players in China and in other world markets. EV Sustainability: When Will Automakers See a Profit? Virtually every mainstream automaker is now building a battery-electric vehicle. Profitability, however, is another matter. Most are said to be selling their BEVs at a loss. A panel of expert industry analysts examine the phenomenon of electric car profitability. The panel, moderated by actor and author Ed Begley, Jr., will discuss the current obstacles to OEM profitability, especially the high cost of batteries, and more. Connect with The Battery Show: #TBS19 Connect with Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo: #EVT19 For more information, please contact: Lauren Lloyd PR Manager, Informa Markets M: +1 (310) 266-4792 E: send an email
THE BATTERY SHOW September 10-12, 2019 Suburban Collection Showplace Novi, MI