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Cascade-KOOI expands to APAC

Wednesday, 10 July 2019 ( #931 ) - Portland, OR, United States
Following the success of the Cascade-KOOI joint venture, Cascade Corporation and Meijer Handling Solutions B.V. are expanding their cooperation by entering into a distribution agreement for Meijer's KOOI line of products throughout the Asia Pacific region. "We're excited to strengthen our offerings and reach more customers in this region," says Steve Keller, business development manager - Asia Pacific at Cascade. "With Cascade's extensive distribution capability in the Asia Pacific, we'll be able to provide even more solutions to people where they need them, when they need them." Cascade boasts a strong, local presence in Asia Pacific countries, including a distribution network that provides customers with a wide range of materials handling solutions. The new distribution agreement with Meijer includes Cascade's locations in China, South Korea, Japan, India, and New Zealand. "This expansion in distribution is a great opportunity for customers throughout the Asia Pacific," says Folkert de Graaf, international sales and marketing manager of Meijer Handling Solutions. "KOOI products are a popular solution due to their versatility, ease of use, and capacity to increase efficiency. People are going to find them valuable tools and we look forward to providing those solutions."