Lithium powered pallet jack a hit with retail clients.

Thursday, 14 December 2017 ( #851 )
The EP EPT20-12EZ lithium powered pallet jack makes life much safer and a whole lot easier for retail operators. The unit is a full powered pallet jack with 1200kgs of capacity and weighing only 120kgs. From a safety point of view, this unit has full electronic braking so if the unit is let go or the drive is not activated the unit will have its brake applied. This helps when working on slopes or if a parked pallet jack is on a slope unattended. The other feature the drive offers is minimum strain to operator to get the pallet moving. Ross Grassick Managing director of Lencrow Forklifts says, "Today we are looking to offer units that will improve both efficacy and safety in the workplace. On talking to many operations, we found that they move most of the time, around 1000kg and they shied away from powered units because when they need to use them they are not charged, and if flat, they would take a whole day to charge. We then worked with EP to make a pallet jack that would carry 1000kgs easily and offer the safety features that manual pallet jacks could not offer, as well as not be a bulky hard to operate pallet jack. As for the battery, we wanted 3.5 hours of operation between charges and a short charge time the lithium battery was the perfect fit. We have worked to price these units so they will be affordable to most business." Lithium power technology which while very new offers the advantage of being compact and offering a long life cycle. The battery weight is only 3.7kg and removed without tools, to offer a battery for morning and afternoon that can be fully charged in 1.5 hours. The charger for these units is free standing with the battery inserted into charger. The EPT20-12EZ is very compact and looks very similar to a manual pallet jack with a turning radius of 1390mm this is only 50mm more than a manual hand pallet truck. Making these ideal for the smallest storeroom and even in the back of a truck. The low combined weight allows them to work on many floor types without damage to the surface found in retail centres. Call Lencrow Forklifts today on 1300 536 276 for more details or a demonstration, or visit our website at
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