The Battery Show Conference – Full Agenda Announced

Thursday, 7 July 2016 ( #777 )
The Battery Show Conference (September, 13-15, Novi, MI) recently announced that the full agenda is available to view online.
Over 130 expert speakers from industry leading organizations including Google, Mercedes-Benz, Ford and Proterra will provide insights on markets & applications, stationary storage, automotive battery trends, next generation materials / R&D, electric & hybrid technology development trends and more. View the full Conference agenda here.

Co-located with Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Conference, the program is tailored to suit the needs of each part of the chain, so delegates will be able to discover what's driving demand, what's shaping novel technologies, what's at the cutting edge and what constitute the critical factors for future success. Join hundreds of industry delegates and be part of the whole picture at this invaluable knowledge-sharing, networking experience.

Back by popular demand, the show again opens with the Leaders Debate keynote session, setting the scene for the broader conference.

The first day will cover battery markets and next-generation battery materials; the second will take a look at stationary battery storage and next-generation battery R&D; concluded on Day 3 with automotive battery trends and battery safety.

This well-respected conference offers you multiple benefits, including broadening your knowledge base, growing your professional network, becoming part of an unrivaled expert pool, and the opportunity to expand your resource platform. As always, we expect a dynamic event and lively interaction on the floor of the forum.

The dedicated conference team has been assembling an exciting expert line-up, with the following speakers on the roster: Denise Gray, President, LG Chem; Ramesh Bhardwaj PhD, Head of Battery and Energy Group, Google; Tobias Glossmann, Senior Systems Engineer, HV Battery Technology, Powertrain & eDrive USA, Mercedes-Benz Research & Development; Venkat Anandan, Battery Research Engineer, Ford; Jeff Kessen, VP - Corporate Strategy, A123 Systems; Gary Horvat, CTO, Proterra.

In addition to the established parallel three-track format, this year there will be a further track on the first two days. Newly introduced features include three interactive tutorials (thermal management; functional safety and risk; and fast charging), two special sessions dedicated to improving manufacturing, and a workshop on evaluating different hybrid architectures for passenger vehicles and light trucks.

Staying with the traditions of Battery Show Conference - and to keep the conversation going - all conference delegates are invited to networking receptions when sessions close on the first two days. This year these will be sponsored by Battery Innovation Center (BIC), Delphi and East Penn Manufacturing.

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