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Wednesday, 13 April 2016 ( #765 )
SafeLoad aims to prevent accidents
SafeLoad aims to prevent accidents
RAVAS introduces SafeLoad
Zaltbommel, Netherlands

RAVAS has introduced the RAVAS-SafeLoad, an aftermarket product for forklifts that provides both weight and stability information in a single combined display. The RAVAS-SafeLoad acts as an active load diagram: it calculates weight, load centre point and mast tilt, in order to decide whether a load is being lifted safely in the current situation. When the lifting is unsafe, the RAVAS-SafeLoad cabin display alerts the driver with both audio and visual signals.
The system aims to help prevent tip-overs by providing drivers with the information they need to judge whether a load can be lifted safely or not.
The RAVAS-SafeLoad is an aftermarket product that can be retrofitted on any make and model of counterbalance forklift.

AutoGuide's ITM5K
AutoGuide's ITM5K
AutoGuide unveils new guidance technology
Georgetown, KY, United States

AGV specialist AutoGuide last week introduced new guidance technology. Natural feature guidance uses laser scanners to determine the path of the vehicle. It allows for simpler installation and adjustments, while requiring less routing infrastructure than other technologies. With docking accuracy to within 5 mm, automatic load transfer operations can be handled with ease.
The system is employed with its ITM5K industrial tugger, a machine with a capacity of 5,000 kg which features operator override and a PC touchscreen interface.

Seminar covers weighty issue
Antwerp, Belgium

In the lead-up to changes to freight weighing requirements, ICHCA will host an International Container Weighing Seminar in Antwerp, Belgium on June 1.
On July 1, 2016, a new amendment to Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulations will require shippers to provide carriers with a verified gross mass (VGM) for each container before the stowage plan is submitted.
Newly announced speakers for the event include Lars Meurling, VP marketing at Bromma Conquip; ICHCA technical advisor Richard Brough; TT Club claims executive Michael Yarwood; and Ian Dunmill, assistant director of the International Organization of Legal Metrology.
Sessions will look at SOLAS VGM compliance, how VGM information is transmitted through the supply chain, and contingency measures for missing VGM data.
The event also includes hands-on simulation experience.
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