Unveiled: CYBERWATCH state-of-the-art affordable equipment monitoring

- 18 Feb 2016 ( #757 )
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Tampa, Fla. - Everyday, countless companies are faced with the real and often costly predicament of how to monitor and track the usage, alarm conditions and location of their equipment. Solving this issue, Keytroller, a designer, manufacturer and supplier of electronic safety and weighing devices, has unveiled the CYBERWATCH - a simple, inexpensive and easy to install wireless hour, alarm and location meter designed in three different wireless configurations-- to fit any equipment in every application. All three CYBERWATCH models quickly connect to the vehicle power and inputs from ignition (on), idle, and 2 alarm inputs. They will fit to construction equipment, mining machines, drilling machines, welders, pumps, dredges, cranes, generators, compressors and forklifts. Equipment end user, equipment dealers and rental yards now have a simple and inexpensive way to monitor their equipment daily.

The CYBERWATCH SAT is designed to monitor equipment used in remote locations, like mines, logging sites, drilling rigs, off shore oil rigs and international ships. These applications typically don't have cellular or WiFi connectivity and monitoring their usage is expensive and troublesome. Tackling these dilemmas, the device provides equipment monitoring from anywhere in the world, without the need for a SIM card or local wireless plan - at less than $40 per month. Since the device does not use a cellular card or need any wireless plan---it works right out of the box---anywhere in the world.

The SAT device utilizes the Iridium satellite network and transmits up to six hour meter readings and six alarm readings with GPS location, once per day. This data can then be viewed in the user's personal company web portal or have the data sent to a cell phone, where it can be exported for further manipulation and viewing. The unit can also be queried remotely and it will respond back to the sender with the usage, alarm and location data.

Aside from monitoring data, the CYBERWATCH SAT can also be used as a hub communicator. An operator can wirelessly connect via ad-hoc --- his/her smart phone to the device mounted on a piece of equipment and send an email or text message - a potentially lifesaving feature---again to anywhere in the world. The user can also receive a response email or text though the SAT device to their ad-hoc wirelessly connected phone.

For locations where WiFi network connection is accessible, the CYBERWATCH LAN provides monitoring and location tracking on any piece of equipment with no monthly service cost. Users are able to monitor usage, idling, location, maintenance needs and alarm warnings (such as low fuel or impacts). Embedded with its own web browser and IP address, users can connect into the device through the WiFi network to view data from a tablet, cell phone or computer. In addition, automatic e-mails can be programmed with usage and alarm reporting.

The CYBERWATCH LAN installs on any make or model gas, LPG, diesel or electric machine, and has optional sensors for monitoring impact, voltage, hydraulic, usage, pneumatic and temperature. In addition, the device handles a wide variety of sophisticated encryption schemes.

The CYBERWATCH SMS is ideal for equipment where cellular connection is accessible, such as construction sites and rental fleets. The device communicates through text messaging, otherwise known as Short Message Service (SMS). Users are able to send a text message specific command from any cell phone to the phone number of the SMS device, and once received; CYBERWATCH SMS responds back with two hour meter inputs, two alarm inputs and the equipment's GPS location. The FREE ANDROID SCHEDULER Smart Phone application allows users to automatically schedule text message report requests on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly schedule at a specific time. At only $6 per month, the CYBERWATCH SMS is a very affordable solution for monitoring usage, idling, location, maintenance needs and alarm warnings.

Each CYBERWATCH SME receives a SIM card and phone number and installs on any make or model gas, LPG, diesel or electric machine. It has optional sensors for monitoring impact, voltage, hydraulic, usage, pneumatic and temperature. In addition, the device can enable an optional remote shut-down by disabling the starter circuit, preventing the vehicle from starting. A GEO-Fence is also programmable for theft protection, enabling the device to send an alert when the equipment breaches the designated area.

Delivery truck drivers need only know the SMS unit's cell number to send a specific command. The data response is sent to the sender including GPS coordinates. The driver then simply clicks the coordinate and is taken to GOOGLE MAPS/EARTH and the specific location of that piece of equipment with the SMS unit on board.

Free demo kits and lease purchase plans are available for each CYBERWATCH solution for qualified users by contacting Keytroller at (813) 877-4500.

For more information view website: www.keytroller.com or contact KEYTROLLER, LLC. 813-877-4500 or email: send a message, Click here to visit the KEYTROLLER ShopFront


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