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BOLZONI GROUP to showcase newest products at first time event

Thursday, 30 April 2015 ( #716 )
1-2 Pallet Handler model 6-52
1-2 Pallet Handler model 6-52
In May 2015, CeMAT the world's largest exhibition for material handling will be in Australia for the first time. CeMAT AUSTRALIA 2015 will showcase intralogistics, logistics and materials handling solutions. Bolzoni Auramo (Pty) Ltd is proud to attend this first ever event for the Australian logistics industry. At its booth E22 Bolzoni Auramo will show some of the most recent products, able to answer to any sort of logistics and material handling demand: 1/2 PALLET HANDLER - MODEL 6-5204 The Meyer Single/Double pallet handler model 6-5204 is suitable for handling one or two pallets. Thanks to the unique encapsuled Shaft Guide Concept, it provides an optimum visibility and clean working environment. The high working speed with synchronised fork travel and separate sideshift function allow for a safe, ergonomic and efficient operation. The interchangeable bolt-on forks are hydraulically operated from the driver position.
  • Excellent visibility through the body.
  • Separate sideshift provides constant sideshift range regardless of the fork opening.
  • Synchronized fork movement with flow divider valve.
  • Gas-spring operated inner fork positioning.
  • Incorporated load backrests.
  • Bolt-on forks with specially reinforced heel area.
Push Pull model Easy Rider
Push Pull model Easy Rider
FORK-MOUNTED PUSH PULL - EASY RIDER The Bolzoni Auramo Push Pulls, specifically designed to handle goods with slip-sheets instead of wooden pallets, are used in warehousing requirements of various industries such as food, beverage, glassware, building material, agricultural, paper, chemical and the automotive parts industry. Easy Rider is the ideal model for those companies where the handling of goods on slip sheets is not sufficient to justify the use of a dedicated fork lift truck.
  • Thanks to an extremely quick and effective new fitting system, the Fork-Mounted Push Pull model Easy Rider offers the possibility to convert a conventional fork lift truck with forks into a specially equipped machine to handle loads on slip sheets. Increasing productivity without any compromise for safety.
  • The driver just has to position the forks under the platens, tilt the mast forward, lift the carriage up, engage the upper hooks, lock the lower mounting hooks in place and connect the hydraulic couplers. These simple steps now make the Easy Rider ready for operation.
  • Bolt-on platens can be adjusted to accomodate different overall widths.
  • Quick disconnect lower hooks.
Fork Positioner model MZ
Fork Positioner model MZ
FORK POSITIONER - MODEL MZ The Bolzoni Auramo fork positioner model MZ is designed to provide a practical solution for various handling operations and pallet sizes. The product has a reduced weight and thickness, and the easy use and excellent visibility offer great advantages for the lift truck operator.
  • Based on hook-on side shifter frame.
  • Standard lift truck forks can be easily fitted. Different fork sizes can be fitted.
  • No forks welding required.
  • Accurate forks movement.
  • Perfect synchronization of the forks movement thanks to differentiated hydraulic cylinders.
  • Excellent visibility.
  • Original load backrest can be easily fitted on the fork positioner.
Rotator model RC
Rotator model RC
360 DEGREE ROTATOR - MODEL RC The Bolzoni Auramo rotator model RC is suitable for all applications where the working cycles require load rotation or emptying of containers. A variety of applications can be found in metallurgical, chemical, automotive, recycling, waste disposal and in food processing operations. A wide range of capacities ensures that the correct and most effective unit is selected for every application.
  • 360-degree rotator with ISO-2328 fork carriage for all applications requiring rotation.
  • Castellated fork carriage welded to the rotating frame
  • Fast and high-torque rotation
  • Optimal visibility through the rotator
  • Easy fork spread adjustment
  • Safe and secure, non-slip fork locking using special locking brackets.
LIFT TRUCK FORKS Bolzoni Auramo offers complete range of forks for lift trucks, construction and agricultural material handling machines, in many different capacities, sections and lengths, ISO and special mountings.
  • Innovative and highly automated production process.
  • Complete tempering heat treatment for entire length of the fork.
  • Increased heel thickness, improved resistance.
  • Prime quality steel, good welding characteristics, high resistance to wear and corrosion.
  • Excellent quality level granted by tests and checks during the whole production process.
Bolzoni Auramo is strongly focused on the continuous development of innovative products to boost the productivity of materials handling, to increase the safety of the operations and to decrease the risk of load damage.
Intelligent Carton & Appliances Clamp model i-MOVE
Intelligent Carton & Appliances Clamp model i-MOVE
INTELLIGENT CARTON CLAMP i-MOVE The company has recently introduced the Intelligent Carton and Appliances Clamp i-MOVE model, representing the solution to the excessive clamping problems, and designed for safe and damage-free pallet less handling of white goods and high-volume carton boxes in appliance and electronics, warehousing and beverage industries. The clamp operates in a similar way as a conventional carton clamp, where the operator has full control of arm opening and closing, lifting and tilting. The main difference consists in the automatic clamping force selection controlled by the system.
  • The system is based on the detection of the type and configuration of the load through the volumetric analysis of the spaces occupied by the load. Values are measured by means of laser and ultrasonic sensors.
  • The control unit receives the detected data, identifies the type and configuration of the load and compares them with a matrix database in the system created according to the customer information.
A miniature of this product will be exhibited at CeMAT Australia to show the clamping force control in a simplified way. Bolzoni Auramo and Meyer offer a complete range of attachments, conceived with the purpose of optimizing each specific handling requirement, allowing forklift operators to extend the application field, the versatility and the performance of lift trucks.
Bolzoni Auramo and Meyer are Bolzoni Group brands. The Group has manufacturing plants in Italy, Germany, Finland, America and China and through its network of direct branches and independent dealers covering all continents; it is able to satisfy all market requirements. World leader in the market of OEM factory installed products, Bolzoni Auramo is approved supplier for all main fork lift truck manufacturers. Bolzoni is listed in the Milan Stock Exchange. For more information on the Bolzoni Auramo and Meyer products, we invite you to come over to have a look at our Booth E22 or visit our website
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