A treatise of mobile weigh scales

Thursday, 4 September 2014 ( #683 )
Weigh scale systems are available for most mobile conveyance. Here's an equipment listing:
  • Counterbalance lift trucks
  • Reach trucks
  • Stackers
  • Order pickers
  • Front end loaders
  • Electric walkies
  • Hand pallet trucks
There are a variety of weigh scale methods provided for forklift trucks. It is important to assess each method to determine the best for the application. There will be some compromise so please consider all the factors. Forklift Truck Scale Selection The big advantage of lift truck scale usage is the time saved by weighing while performing material transportation. A stationary floor scale can involve costly trips to weigh. HYDRAULIC PRESSURE If accuracy isn't the greatest criteria then the hydraulic system makes good economic sense. Advantages
  • Low Cost Purchase & maintenance
  • Easy & fast to installation
  • Same cost for all capacity equipment
  • System does not derate truck capacity Disadvantages
  • Low accuracy restrictions
Low accuracy restricts its usage to monitoring to prevent overloading (e.g. truck loads, shelf loads and estimating waybill weights). FORK-SENSED SCALE SYSTEMS Weigh sensors imbedded into especially modified lift truck forks. These forks replace the original and outwardly appear similar to the original. The forks are available in various lengths and thickness. For ease of pallet entry it is required the thinnest sensed fork may be necessary. ITA Class 2 weigh forks are available in thickness as low as 1.7" and up to 2.4" thick. The weigh forks should be of the especially reinforced design as the truck will be utilized for possibly punishing treatment and the scale must be designed for this abuse. A big feature is the fork-sensed system doesn't derate the truck's capacity. It is also very easy to install, simply exchange the original for the weigh forks. This means that a damaged scale doesn't put the truck out of commission and vice-versa. Furthermore, consider simply attaching the scale just when weighing is required. Accuracy is excellent with legal for trade possible. LEAF CHAIN SCALE This system places strain gauge loadcells into the first stage lifting chains above the carriage anchor studs. The system is safely installed behind the carriage and can be wired or wirelessly connected to the cab-mounted digital display.
  • Mid-range accuracy allows system to be utilized in production weighing, establishing freight weights both incoming and outgoing freight.
  • System does not derate truck capacity.
  • Installation typically takes 5 to 8 hours
  • Cannot be utilized for legal for trade applications.
  • Requires signal wire conveyance (unlike hydraulic system) unless wireless system provided at extra cost.
FALSE CARRIAGE SCALES This system involves attaching a secondary weigh sensed carriage and standard forks attach to this new addition. Installation can be fairly quick or take longer - up to 8 hours with certain makes. Good accuracy is characteristic of this system but it can come at a price. Large freight forwarders generally like this product from select manufacturers because of reliability and maintained accuracy. There are some makes that don't perform as well. The false carriage system is the most expensive of all these scales and has a particular negative aspect. The system weighs the most and increases the truck's load center from the traditional 24" so it is necessary to derate the truck, usually reducing the capacity by 400 to 800 lbs. but check this out before purchasing. To Summarize:
Accurate Forklift Truck Scales (Fork-Sensed Style) Models LTFS & MWS Why choose Weigh Point (WPI)? We Invented the Fork Sensed Scale, Others Copied but NEVER MATCHED WPI Excellence.
Consider... Economy, safety, efficiency, serviceability and accuracy makes the MWS selection the best choice. The convincing can be best determined through examination of a detailed comparison. Economy Weigh Point builds the weigh sensors into the truck's forks manufacturer's non-compliant false carriage truck down rating is non applicable. Safety The competition reduces the truck capacity by extending the loadcenter plus the extra false carriage weight-can you afford to down rate your truck by over 500 lbs? Weigh Point systems simply adds a mere 50 lbs. (You can not afford to topple the truck by unintentional overload) Presto-it's installed It takes 5 minutes to click on the Weigh Point pre-calibrated forks onto the original truck carriage, presto, minutes versus hours and you are ready to run your weight trials. False carriage scales are installed on the lift truck by expert scale specialized, then calibration at your location requires heavy test weights, less than ideal conditions for this critical calibrating and adjusting.
  • Removing our system to transfer to another truck is not only possible but practical.
  • A great advantage for rental trucks that may not be altered. Even unlikely on site repairs can be supplanted by a straight-forward sensed fork exchange.
Don't have an out of service lift truck caused by an inoperative integrated scale simply replace with standard forks for instant return-to-service forklift. Efficiency Simply lift the load and read an accurate weight on an easy-to read digital display or load a trailer with the built in weight accumulator. No minimum weight-even weighs 10 lb. packages! Add piece counting feature for added versatility. Serviceability Your favorite local scale company can provide service with immediate Weigh Point support anywhere across North America or for simple adjustment call our customer support line at 1-800-268-7400. The legal for trade version requires Measurement Canada certified service personnel. P.S. Remember false carriage systems (FCS) need a manufacturers expert. Many national scale companies are reluctant to calibrate or service the FCS product. Spot on Accuracy The 1 kg. step system provides no greater error than +/- 3 digits (3 kg) even at the 2200 kg. level. Low weights, i.e. a 5 kg. package will be likely zero error or +/- 1 kg. Note: the legal for trade version is set in 2 kg or 5 lb- increments These systems are protected by USA/Canadian and international patents pending. Solely the intellectual property of Weigh Point Incorporated, A Canadian owned corporation. Weigh Point is committed to world class weighing innovation through pure and applied research. MANY WAYS TO GO There are five models of lift truck scales because the applications and accuracy demands makes selection a bit of a science. A helpful treatise on the next page will help clarify, to make the selection process less a gamble. The descriptive literature further explains each model to make you an expert once read.
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