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Thursday, 26 June 2014 ( #673 )
iForks are the next generation of forklift scales. With Cascade iForks, it's no longer necessary to drive pallets, bins or containers back and forth to a fixed scale, so cost savings are immediately realised.
iForks are the next generation of forklift scales. With Cascade iForks, it's no longer necessary to drive pallets, bins or containers back and forth to a fixed scale, so cost savings are immediately realised.
Forklift Scales: Measuring weight plays an important role in managing material flows in warehouses and production processes. If you need to weigh regularly, you want to do it efficiently, without unnecessary loss of time and without unnecessary handling and material movements. Cascade turns mobile weighing into a problem solving and cost saving tool.

iForks are the first completely wireless weighing system for forklift trucks in the world. And since they're wireless, the system can be installed onto most forklifts in a matter of minutes: Just Plug & Weigh.

Each iFork is equipped with its own battery module, eliminating cable reels and power cords between the forks. The battery modules are robust and integrated into the fork design, making bulky housings for battery and electronics on top of the forks a thing of the past. The Bluetooth transmitters and calibration board have been integrated into the forks to avoid the risk of being damaged, making downtime on iForks extremely low. All models of iForks exceed industry standards.

iForks are competitively priced and have low installation costs, which translates into a higher Return on Investment. The scale components are easily accessible, digitally calibrated and quick to install, which means there's less maintenance and therefore a lower cost of ownership. And since the fork tips are easily visible, there is less chance of accidents occurring.

Cascade iForks install easily, even on forklift trucks with a load backrest above the carriage, and can also be used with Rotators and Fork Positioners. The applications for iForks are limitless, but here's a few ways they can benefit warehouse and production processes.

Applications for Mobile Scales:
  1. Prevent Picking Errors - Errors cost time, money and customer goodwill. Order picking performance comes down to two things: speed and accuracy. Weighing on order picking trucks reduces the error level to just tenths of a percent.

  2. Check Incoming Goods - The iForks let you spot incomplete deliveries immediately. With iForks integrated in your lift truck, you can check incoming goods while they are being offloaded from the freight truck and react on the spot to prevent stock differences and interrupted production processes.

  3. Ensure Accurate Filling - Accurate filling of drums, containers and big bags means there is no unnecessary loss of material. By weighing containers during transport on a forklift you achieve a higher efficiency and flexibility in your filling processes. It will also help you to simplify logistics and reduce the risk of damages and product loss, since it is no longer necessary to drive the materials back and forth between warehouse and scale.

  4. Control Mixing and Dosing - When producing batches of semi-finished or finished product, the aim is to correctly mix the different ingredients and components. Amounts and proportions determine the quality of the product. A mobile scale helps you attain cheaper, safer and more efficient results. iForks are also the means for controlling and documenting quality.

  5. Piece Counting - By letting iForks count for you, human errors are avoided and handling speed in order picking and in checking shipments is increased. The iForks translate the measured weight into a quantity, using the per part piece weight. The display will show the actual number of pieces on the pallet.

  6. Controlling Waste Flows - Monitoring waste flows and knowing how much waste is produced at each spot in the production line, is the first step towards controlling and minimizing waste flows. With iForks on the forklift truck that removes the waste material, you can efficiently measure waste production anywhere during production process, finding out which processes should be optimized.

  7. Shipping - Every company that ships goods needs to know the weight of these goods as accurately as possible. If the iForks are equipped with a built-in printer, shipping weights can be printed on a ticket, together with an order number and date and time. In case of claims from the recipient it can be proved that the complete order was shipped.

  8. Avoiding Overloads and Under Utilization - Avoid costly fines for overloading freight trucks. The iForks constantly add up the loaded weights to a total weight, so that at any moment it is known how much weight has been loaded onto the freight truck. Thus overloading or underloading is easily averted. iForks on the forklift truck also increase safety and improve labor conditions by preventing the overloading of truck or warehouse racking.

For more information about how Cascade iForks can be a part of your business solution, visit, call 800 CASCADE (227-2233) or send an email.

Forklift Scale - Cascade Ravas iForks

iForks work on virtually any lift truck and will the the last fork lift scale you'll ever need. These unique and innovative forks let you weigh your product as you move it.

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Cascade Corporation, established in Portland, OR in 1943, is the global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of materials handling attachments, forks, accessories and related technologies. Their unmatched service, support and expertise, along with advanced damage reduction technology, flexible manufacturing, short lead times and quality products, positions them at the forefront of the material handling industry.
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